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It is FROSTY outside. Thirty degrees.

Cold, my friends, cold.

I think the Giant Puffball of Doom look is in order this morning for my walk, because that's going to be the coldest walk I've had yet. :-p

Today is laundry day. Going to involve a little more work than usual because it's due time for all our white stuff to go through a load of Tide with Bleach (which stinks, which means that I'll probably have to wash that load twice and hope my good friend vinegar gets rid of the stink). Don't want to put it off though, because if GooGoo decides to come in the next day or so, I'd like to have as much clean laundry as possible. I'm OCD about my laundry being done a certain way. Not that Dan isn't perfectly capable (and probably far less illogical about the whole procedure than am I).

Better get out on the walk. I always feel so horribly stiff after my walk. But I do it anyway.
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Ouchy back. I am sitting on the couch and feeling very very sleepy. Had a nice lunch of baked potatoes with lovely trimmings like salsa and green onions and such. And two s'mores.

Today the weather has been unable to decide if it wants to be sunny or pouring rain.

Some cigarette-smoking military men were over in the Elks parking lot shooting off blanks in formal rows and then scurrying around picking up the debris like kids with a pinata. We laughed.

Anna gave the tub a thorough scrubbing and cleansing this morning and then vacuumed/washed the floor in there while I polished up mirrors and bathroom sinks and counters. I love having mirrored closet doors, but maintaining them is rather tiresome at times.
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  • 04:30:39: is lying awake at 3.30am. joy.
  • 08:58:56: another day. Happy rain outside.
  • 09:03:53: Also, GooGoo has been in hyper mode almost constantly for hours. He needs to calm down. It cannot be THAT exciting in there.
  • 09:30:47: smells yummy scrambled tofu cooking.
  • 11:08:44: says hello, she is going to pop at any moment like an overinflated balloon.
  • 14:13:34: And Jael said, Let there be a bath in the midst of the bathroom, and let the warm waters be divided from the cold waters, and it was so.
  • 14:45:35: And Jael beheld, and lo, the bath was very good.
  • 19:49:09: is making sliced baked potatoes for herself and counting down to bedtime. Sleep=best thing ever when one can get it.
  • 21:06:54: gets to make a Powell's Pilgrimage tomorrow whilst Mr Baldwin is at his meeting. I think it will be a Good Day.
  • 22:18:32: suspects that GooGoo ain't long for this womb.
  • 22:22:08: realises that Ginny does not agree with my suspicions.

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  • 07:05:49: Brrr. 39 this morning.
  • 15:23:25: The day is gorgeous, the men's chorus was superb, God loves me, and there was carrot cake at potluck. What could be happier-making?
  • 19:02:17: waiting for Mr Baldwin to come home. Any time now. GooGoo is a pretty busy baby.
  • 21:53:01: sitting in Pedee watching Spot disappear under furniture.

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Inspirational thought for the day:

"No outward observances can take the place of simple faith and entire renunciation of self. But no man can empty himself of self. We can only consent for Christ to accomplish the work. Then the language of the soul will be, Lord, take my heart; for I cannot give it. It is Thy property. Keep it pure, for I cannot keep it for Thee. Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchristlike self. Mold me, fashion me, raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere, where the rich current of Thy love can flow through my soul."


I am mightily confused that when I got up the temp was 39 according to Dashboard, and now it is 35. It didn't feel that cold when I went out on my walk - more like in the low 40s.

I did have all the heaters on for a little bit though. I'm not usually the cold one, but I sure was this morning. I couldn't believe Dan had no heater going yet downstairs when I went down there. Brr.

I'll be going to the Lebanon church this morning, both because the Oregon Adventist Men's Choir will be there and also so I can just come home afterwards while Dan stays for potluck at Albany and goes door-to-door. I can rest and get our stuff together for going to Dan's parents' place this evening. Here's hoping GooGoo will not decide to come at, say, 5 in the morning tomorrow when we're far from home.

Monday evening or Tuesday would be nice. How about it, GooGoo? I want you out.


I don't think I ever posted about the What the Baby Will Be discussion that was taking place at my shower. Susana first of all apparently can Usually Tell and is Usually Right, but when she felt my hips she said she wasn't sure.

The general consensus is that it's a boy. Out of all the many people I know, Frances, Kylie, Andrew, Ginny, and Mel are the only ones who think it will be a girl. We shall see. :-p
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  • 07:40:21: is chilly. 41 outside. Brr.
  • 09:27:44: thought the nausea garbage was over. Seriously, self. Stop. *lies down*
  • 09:49:19: nearly threw up just now. This is irritating. And Spot is being a pill...
  • 10:55:24: is quite positive The Foot is out to get her. Not so positive that The Foot has a mate. Because she only ever feels The One.
  • 11:28:03: is heroically resisting the urge to eat chocolate. Spot is not resisting the urge to chew his toy mouse to shreds.
  • 12:44:02: got a message with the subject "Stinky Cheese". Should she trash it now, or else it will translate her documents into Swahili?
  • 12:46:31: @Zizzabeth HAHAHA! Kids need to be EDUCATED.
  • 12:47:14: is making vegan mac and cheese for lunch. And veggies of some kind as yet undetermined. Nothing sounds better, however, than sleep.
  • 14:58:59: is up from a nap that brought her no sleep, just a wiggly child.
  • 15:37:21: oh warm bath how i will love you in about two minutes
  • 16:29:51: succumbed and had a few chocolate chips. Don't judge. Peppermint tea sounds really good as well.
  • 22:59:35: is getting ready to go to lala land. The Oregon Adventist Men's Choir is at Lebanon church tomorrow. I want to go. Decisions, decisions.

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  • 07:13:03: has one day and a wakeup to CARROT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also Spot is being super precious right now here in bed.
  • 07:54:37: eats chocolate with cocoanut for breakfast. Bad bobbin. (She promises she also ate something healthy.)
  • 08:58:17: returned from a walk with Mr B, got way too excited about the ensuing bathroom run, made the bed, and is now pondering life at 36 weeks.
  • 15:16:01: on the bed listening to the rainy greyness of the outdoors and looking up things on BlueLetterBible.com
  • 15:51:49: just had it suggested to her that block sanders work great on calloused feet. Thanks, I'll pass.
  • 16:35:24: elevenish hours to CARROT CAKE!
  • 18:10:12: about to head out to a soupy social at the Lebanon church. Should be fun!
  • 21:17:52: ate too much and feels sick.
  • 22:14:17: ate 4 bowls of soup, 4 slices of bread, ton of cookies, & a bunch of candy & a gob of liquid. Feels disgusting now. Going to sleep it off.

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  • 06:56:42: is about ready to go for her morning walk... in the rain. I like this day.
  • 08:27:53: is heading to church in a few minutes. First week as assistant chorister. Does anyone else think "chorister" is just a WEIRD WORD?
  • 21:12:54: is listening to Dan and Kai discuss trigonometry
  • 21:25:41: has a baby that Will Not Sit Still. He's desperately wanting to get out, apparently, and hammering around with Little Baby Fists.

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I have brownies in the oven. The fact that they have almonds in them makes them healthy, right?

Also, the weather today makes me feel like bellowing,

Falling leaves,
And fading trees,
Goodbye, Summer!

[/Egelbauer moment] (Go to 2.39 and 3.58 ish)
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I went for my walk at just after seven this morning and it was still quite dark out and raining. That was very fun. I decided to make tater tot casserole for lunch tomorrow. That is in the fridge.

It's not even ten in the morning and it still seems really, really dark.

Going to iron and then put sewing closet stuff away.
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  • 07:30:50: 53 and foggy. Perfect morning walk environment.
  • 09:24:46: wonders why there is a fingernail of hers sitting here on the table like a decoration. Off to make granola.
  • 12:41:54: is trying to not be overwhelmed by all she has yet to do this afternoon.
  • 12:55:55: I'M HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. I'm giving birth to, like, a TODDLER.
  • 17:00:47: <3 frozen corn. As in still frozen.
  • 21:47:02: is so happy for this day of rest.

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  • 06:53:05: has to urinate again. *sigh* SHE JUST TOOK *ONE* SIP OF WATER SINCE THE LAST TRIP TO THE TOILET like ten minutes ago.
  • 07:37:16: is heading out on a walk on this gorgeous 40-degree morning
  • 09:26:55: @Ruthette Yeah... I'm wondering what the deal is with this world.
  • 09:29:32: is trying to decide what to do with her day... besides, say, eating cookie dough and making muffins for this evening.
  • 11:38:00: Muffins made. There is enough for everyone to have ONE. So I'm making cookies too.
  • 14:16:05: just got out of the tub. Nice bath. Nice warm bath. Might be good to brush her teeth, too, akshully.
  • 16:00:06: has hunger on the brain... and the need for a bathroom run
  • 16:12:36: is thirty-nine inches around, thirty-nine inches around. Walked a while, sat down a while, she's thirty-nine inches around

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  • 06:57:45: is eating breakfast and reading minor prophets
  • 07:32:30: It is 37 out. Keeps getting colder...
  • 12:00:40: is hungry and making lunch.
  • 14:23:45: @QQKachoo Where did you find this show, yo? I wanna hear it.
  • 15:10:13: so, so sleepy... but too late in the day for a nap.
  • 20:28:50: has two more months of not even being able to sit at the dinner table comfortably. Innards=so squashed.

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And the sky became dark as sackcloth of hair, and the heavens poured down their liquid fury upon Lebanon.

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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  • 07:30:37: is going for the Giant Puffball look today. It's 47 out. Dan's down coat sounds delish. Because, it can actually close over GooGoo.
  • 08:40:26: is treating GooGoo to some S&G while scanning more old photos.

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15.36 Jael Baldwin on the bed chilling with a book while Julie Andrews croons to GooGoo. He seems to have appreciations
19.15 Jael Baldwin is slightly rotund. Mirrors do not lie
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  • 07:47:12: Nice snuggly morning with kitties, husbands, and down blankies. What could be nicer? 46 degrees outside. Yummy.
  • 07:47:15: And speaking of yummy, I'm hungry. BREAKFAST!!

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Reason I love fall:

It means winter is coming.

Reason I love winter:

It means it will be cold.

Reason I like cold:

It means my love for snuggling deep in a pile of toasty warm blankets in bed can be fully realised without the slightest discomfort.

If we got more snow here in Lebanon, everything would be just perfect for a Me. But I won't complain, anyway, because life is good.


Slept fairly well last night despite waking up several times. Spot cuddled but stayed out of mischief and I managed to avoid having to actually get up to pee until Dan's alarm went off.

Oh, and we watched "Insurrection", which was much fun. Spot was quite engrossed in it for a long time, too, which was really funny to watch.

Time to begin the day.
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Today's Food )

Well, it was raining torrentially a little while ago and I decided to go out in it and gave Dan a guilt trip for not wanting to go with me. He said he would be down in a few minutes, and of course by the time he got downstairs it was barely raining at all anymore. Nice, Mr Baldwin. Thank you.

That aside, it has been a nice cool day and perfect for baking, so I made a loaf of bread that turned out just beautifully for once and now am trying one of [livejournal.com profile] eattheolives' cinnamon roll recipes. We'll see how they turn out. I put cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins, and chopped walnuts in for filling. I'm out of powdered sugar so I made some in the blender for glaze.

Dan, meantime, made blue corn tortilla things and is now grinding some more wheat because I used up the last of it in the rolls.
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I'd like to know why the two lines I remember of Idaho's state song are randomly running through my head right now.


Who knows their state song, anyway? And Idaho's is hopelessly corny.

I mean, honestly.


Made up a batch of homemade laundry soap and cleaned out the fridge. It was really sticky and gross. Dan made pancake/tortilla type things for breakfast and we ate those with warm fruit sauce. I also had an ice-cold smoothie with my personal pharmacy mixed in.

I can tell the weather is changing because my old lady hands were stiff and achy this morning. I'm glad though. Sick of heat and the sun. I'm ready for a gloomy, rainy Oregon winter.


Mr Baldwin is hungry. Better feed him.
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Today is off to a chilly start. It's 56 out. I'm not complaining. I'm happy about this, truly, because I'm so tired of the heat.

Spot is looking depressed on the floor just outside the office door and I'm trying to make a plan for the day.


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