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So, I took my violin to the music store to have Gary take a look at my fine-tuners. He was out, so I went to Teen Challenge to kill some time until he came back.

As I was perusing the 49-cent rack outside, a short, very tubby dude with sparse grey beardage and sweaty strings of hair spilling out from his baseball cap came out with a woman in a wheelchair. He saw my violin case and asked what I played and who my teacher was. He was positively bursting with pride as he related to me the story of his life and how he was the youngest rock band member ever at the age of twelve and how he was going to take back the title as champion wrestler this week wrestling against his stepson whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. He was charming in the sense that he clearly lives to tell of his past glory. It was like a charactrr actor in a movie bar. Their names were Ralph and Marla.

When I finally managed to gracefully extricate myself from Ralph's self-absorbed babbling and bowing, I went into Teen Challenge and had a good laugh with the boy behind the counter about Ralph, who apparently had treated him to the same spiel.

I found a copy of a book I loved about Helen Keller as a chidl and then went backtothe music store and Gary got my problem solved. And as I left the store to go home Irwin and Debbie drove by and waved.

Yes, I love small towns.


Project Patterns is progressing pokily, thanks to Molly constantly wanting glue, tape, scissors, and paper scraps. Qhat I am doing is putting my patterns in 9x12 manila envelopes, gluing the front/back of the original pattern envelope on the manila one, and writing company and number at the top. My goal is to have all my patterns a uniform size and therefore be able to store them more effectively (by pattern number). I barely made a dent today. Only did 25.

Got another dryerload of blueberries going; was going to do peaches but most of them were still hardish so I have left them out all day and will hope more are ready tomorrow morning.

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Today we had fried potatoes for breakfast. I also had scrambled eggs with green onions.

Today we went walking at Chip Morris Park in Corvallis. Molly was a happy camper; Spot was a pill. I think we are not going to take him walking any more. It's impossible to enjoy it (not to mention make any progress) when he refuses to budge. This makes me sad because I love taking him walking with us.

Today we finally went to Trader Joe's. Our verdict: too much 'spensive pre-packaged foodlike substance and not enough food. However, I saw some spring rolls/egg rolls in the frozen food section and that reminded me that I've wanted for years to learn to make those.

Today we went to First Alternative for good tortillas and rice noodles. I heart First Alternative. I love the people you see in there. They're so... Corvallisy. I also found that they had the wrap thingies for spring roll making. So we got some. I'm so excited to try them now.

Today we watched Buster Keaton in "The Saphead" and were both like... this is really dumb. We had pesto with rice noodles and leftover veggies too.
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Sometimes, things happen that, were I not absolutely confident of God's love and grace and the protective presence of angels in our home, would send me over the edge Very Fast Indeed. I'm not going to divulge what exactly happened, because some things are just better put behind one, but I was very thankful last night that Dan was beside me and that God was only a prayer away. God has promised, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper", and this I cling to in faith.

Today was the first time in two weeks that some semblance of normalcy returned to our lives. We had breakfast together and yours truly actually put on her glasses and went for a walk as per her regular routine. Dan came along with Molly in the Baby Bjorn and it just felt so good to get out and move. When we got back, I emptied my sewing closet seeking the stroller seat and found it, but as soon as I sat down to start working on it, my stitches got angry at me.

So I had to give up and go lie down. I thought I would have to stay home while Dan went shopping and this made me really sad, but then I decided to just go anyway because I just *had* to get out of the house. I stayed in the car at some stops. Molly did quite well. She slept in her carrier the whole time we were in Fred Meyer and constantly freaked me out because she seemed determined to suffocate herself. I'd move her face out of my clothes only to have her stuff her fingers up her nose or something. *sigh* She decided she was hungry as soon as we pulled out of the FM parking lot, though, and had to wait until we got to Mega Foods in Lebanon to have her snack. Made for a noisy ride.

Got home and unloaded all our junk and had some dinner and then I sat in the bath for a while because I was so ouchy. Molly has been sleeping in her bouncy chair downstairs. I think I hear her starting to whimper though.
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Just got back from grocery shopping for components of Thanksgiving essentials, fascinatingly most of them the essentials I don't particularly care for: pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes and celery for the veggie tray. :-p The sparkling cider, however, I care very much for. Got one bottle of plain apple and two of apple-cranberry, and one of those gets set aside if GooGoo is a girl. (I have plain already in the cupboard that I've been hoarding if he's a boy.)

Bella has apparently safely arrived, although Brittany is still a bit loopy from her meds and we may therefore not get pictures until tomorrow. Boo.


Anyway... tomorrow will be a busy day. I can't believe Anna has already been here a week and will be leaving so soon. Weirdness. But most everything has been done that needed to be, and tomorrow will take care of the rest of those tasks.

Unless, of course, GooGoo decides to be nice and come tonight?

What we will be doing tomorrow:

1. Pumpkin pies.
2. Green bean casserole.
3. Dusting.
4. Vacuuming.
5. Washing floors.
6. Bringing second table downstairs.
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  • 08:16:56: loves a cosy bed on a rainy morning. Alas, she can't stay there all day.
  • 11:22:50: is relaxing on the couch watching Anna and Spot play with his humiliated feather.
  • 12:35:58: did not just buy Depends at RiteAid. Did not. *shifty eyes*
  • 13:38:53: feels like a boa constrictor is giving her big hugs
  • 15:33:07: pondering the philosophical question: Is it physiologically possible for pregnant people to pursue pelting paces?
  • 16:53:52: is out of the tub. Very hot now, and sleepy for the 50,000th time today.
  • 18:09:08: is gradually becoming suitably clothed for public view. Bible study/fud coming up in an hour.
  • 18:34:51: wishes she had a camera handy because Spot is adorably puffmuffiny on the iBook right now...
  • 20:25:34: is ready for bed but she is at Bible study and cannot
  • 22:33:00: home. about to collapse into bed. maybe i can talk Mr Baldwin into... rubbing my shoulders? ;-)

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We just got back from shopping in the rain. It was kind of cold. But at least we now have a fridge full of fresh food. Dan has requested cornbread tonight to go with the black beans I have in the crockpot. That sounds yummy to me. I should probably get that started here shortly.

So sleepy, though. I can't wait to go to bed.
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1. I just made myself kidney bean mush for dinner. I smushed them with a fork and stirred them into a little mayonnaise with taco seasoning and a clove of garlic, spread it on warmed-up flatbread and piled rice on top of it all. It was delish.

Then I polished off the last of the fakey mac and cheese and my glass of moo juice.

2. I had a lovely time at Powell's today. I can't get over the sheer massiveness of the place. It was rather disorienting and so much fun. I had to go to the bathroom like three times while I was there though, and by the end my back was hurting so for the last half hour I gave up and just sat to wait for Mr Baldwin to turn up.

I found a fine copy of "The Yearling" with NC Wyeth illustrations, a copy of "Vinzi" given to someone by their Aunt Maud for Christmas in 1929, the last Molly (American Girl) book I needed to complete my set of her books, and perhaps best of all a copy of "The Magician's Nephew" that was only $6 and so beautiful I couldn't pass it up. It is a large-format version with slightly larger print and tinted illustrations. Even has a ribbon bookmark in it. Of course, I was sad they had none of the others in that same format, but I'm going to look around online and see if they have the rest of the series to match. (With my luck, probably not. But you never know.) After I paid for my books I also bought myself an Italian soda in the cafe, cherry, because I was in a celebratory mood.

While I was drinking it I just sat and looked out the window and thought about the city and how busy it is and watched cars and cars just going by. The cafe was crammed with people. The girl next to me was busy typing away on a MacBook, and there were a lot of other Mac users there, which naturally made me happy. :-p Right out the window was a shopping cart, full of miscellaneous items and covered with a large clear bag, propped against a tree to keep it from rolling away. The place was pretty quiet, really - there was the clinking of a few plates and a hum of life and typing fingers, but not really very much talking. Fascinating.

I could have spent longer there, probably, but in a way I was glad I didn't have to, because it was just a bit overwhelming, honestly. However, now that I have been able to wander freely and get a better idea of the layout and what's what, I think next time my visit can be planned ahead a bit and a hair more structured.

Oh, and I got to go into their Rare Books Room. It was so beautiful and wooden and lamplighty, although I can't say there was much in there that really appealed to me and I was pretty much afraid to touch anything in there anyway. Allegedly they have a book from 1482 somewhere in that room that's worth over $14,000.

3. Dan had a good meeting and it sounds like he will indeed be getting this job for the city of Portland. Yay, moving up in the world. :-D

4. Also stopped at the Adventist Book Centre on the way home. Andrew needed some stuff from there and we both had a couple things to pick up there too.
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Just got back from church. Lebanon had a potluck, too, so I decided to stay for that. Otherwise I'd just be eating another huge vat of mac and cheese and this way I got some other kinds of food into me as well. :-p Including 3 kinds of dessert, one of which was CARROT CAKE. I think George is never going to stop teasing me about the carrot cake thing, because of all my Facebook googawing over it prior to the shower.

The men's chorus was grand. GooGoo was, literally, dancing the whole time they were singing. When they stopped, he stopped. It was really funny. I'm very glad I went. After all, NOTHING beats "We Have This Hope" sung by a herd of big, strong male voices. *DIIIIIIIIIES*

When I got home, I found my first Target package waiting for me (the Pooh sheets). Yay. Seriously....... adorable.
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  • 08:10:52: is one big, fat bundle of Ache. Also cold. Putting on more suitable clothing would help. Time for brekker, to use a Zizzyism.
  • 09:25:05: The bundle of ache has all channelled itself into left leg. Nice. Ouch. Waffles in progress. Mmm.
  • 11:15:05: is getting ready to head to Wal-Mart to buy computer ink with Mr B. But first, she must urinate.
  • 12:43:16: Nobody had computer ink for our printer. I can barely move. I'm getting into a warm bath now.
  • 13:15:53: Warm baths cover a multitude of pains. I feel 95% better now.
  • 17:42:44: is now the proud co-owner of a new HP laserjet. Also, making spaghetti squish with veggie sauce for dinner. I heart spaghetti squish.
  • 17:56:18: STARVING. Hurry up, spaghetti squish.
  • 18:59:56: Hello, I am about to explode.
  • 20:03:51: desperately wants an external baby. This gross suffocation needs to Go Away.
  • 20:22:11: is lying down feeling greptschie
  • 21:30:54: This child is blowing up like a pufferfish every now and then.

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I'm about to make us pizza for dinner, but I needed to sit down and catch my breath for a few minutes. We've been out and about shopping for various things today and having been tired to begin with... well. We got a lot of stuff though. I can now finally make ravioli since we got some cottage cheese. But mind is too tired to even think of that just now.

Spot is looking at me with those big cow eyes of his as if he has No Clue Whatsoever what is wrong with using the insides of my slippers as a scratching post.
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Battery on the laptop is about to die, but everyone needs to know my husband just bought me a barrister bookcase. Photosquee to ensue.
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I feel like there are probably things I SHOULD be doing, but none of them are getting done since I'm not really thinking too hard about what they might be.

I did vacuum downstairs. And dust. That counts for something. And finished Beth's other skirt. So glad that's out of the way.

We've been eating eFoods food lately. I was saying to Dan that we might as well eat it and he agreed. It's just taking up so much space in the shed out there... and I highly doubt we're going to have an emergency where we will actually need it. God will take care of us and we keep our buckets of actually practical food stocked, like wheat and rice and beans that we use all the time anyway.

I'm in a mild state of despair that our closets are so crammed. I am going to need to find a way to consolidate. The kidlet is going to need some space of his own somewhere.

The Kohl's battle is over. I knew I would lose. [livejournal.com profile] paularidgeway got hers delivered today.

I definitely just came up with the best title for her future tell-all book, too. Which reminds me how much I would enjoy a good laugh right now curled up with "My Mother's Keeper" and a bowl of specially-prepared frozen macaroni and cheese.
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[livejournal.com profile] beloved_tree, I DID mail you the dress... and yesterday it got returned to me because apparently the postperson decided to use it as a seat cushion on a rainy day and it got wet and the address did a disappearing act. So annoying. I'll try to get off my butt tomorrow and put it back in the mailbox.

In other mail news, Kohl's order arrival competition is in full swing.

2:31 PM Jaelness: My Kohl's order is in Ohio
2:42 PM Cricket: It's in Ohio
2:42 PM Jaelness: ROFL
2:42 PM Jaelness: I know, huh?
2:42 PM Cricket: Yours, too?
2:42 PM Jaelness: Yeah
2:58 PM Cricket: Oh wow.... did we say that at the same time? I was on the iPhone
2:58 PM Jaelness: HAHA
2:58 PM Jaelness: Yes, we did.
2:58 PM Cricket: Oh my word
2:58 PM Cricket: 10 minutes before me
2:58 PM Cricket: That's creepy
2:59 PM Cricket: That's creepy times a million
2:59 PM Jaelness: *cackle*

I already know I'm not going to get mine first.
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This is one of those days that makes me glad to be able to say it's over. It seems like there was just no end to the work to be done. Plus we had to go grocery shopping, which ate up a good two hours out of our afternoon. Most of this was WinCo time, but we also went to Roth's, which is closing, and it was really sad because the shelves are baring quickly. Still, there was a darkly humourous aspect of the emptiness we encountered there: what was still sitting there was junk food. The kind of people who shop at Roth's have a reason for doing so: they offer healthy food, like jam with no HFCS, local produce, and Morningstar type products. The good food was all gone. We did scrounge around and find a couple jars of good jam, though.
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Just for the record?

Amazon.com mp3 downloads trying to use a Visa Gift Card? DOES NOT WORK.

I wanted the DRM free, but dude. Dan and I both fought with it and finally we just went through iTunes. Which, I don't really care, and the Christmas album ended up being DRM free there anyway.

*shakes head*
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I did Go to the Library and Get My Card, Take Two this morning. It went beautifully. Of course, once I got into the library I kinda got sucked into a black hole. I found the Chris Van Allsburg books in the children's area and of course had to revisit those. They didn't have "The Stranger", but they did have the Harris Burdick one. Seriously one of the best books ever.

Got a book on knitting at the library and went to Hidden Treasures to see if they had a pair of knitting needles. They had. Went and got some money from the bank to get them. $2. At least I'm reusing someone else's needles rather than going to Wal-Mart for new ones. Right? ;-)

"What Would Jesus Buy" is really making me think a lot about just how commercial we are - even me, who doesn't have TV to give me a lot of commercial exposure. Dan is pretty good about just not buying things. He likes to buy local produce and avoid Asian-manufactured products as much as possible. Obviously, you can't totally cut that out of your life because there's so little made here anymore. But the less we support it, the better off the country will be. Reverend Billy is extreme and perhaps a bit crazy, but he wasn't afraid to make himself heard, anyway. I need to finish watching it today.

So I came home and got the laundry going while I made six more jars of applesauce. The goal is 30 jars of applesauce. Not sure how many we have so far but probably about half that. Not sure what on earth we're going to do with the rest of the apples. Maybe juice? I'd enjoy that.

I need to make the bed and get going on a few more doll dresses today. So much to do.
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I saw a darling like new adorable Beanie Baby fox at Goodwill last night.

He saw an oar that was in good condition.

I said if I "didn't need" the fox, he didn't NEED the oar.

We left the store empty-handed.
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This morning was Girl of the Golden West, and Dan didn't click with that one too well. Said the beginning was too confusing and he couldn't understand what was going on. I can't say I blame him, although I much enjoy it myself. After lunch we went walking in downtown Cambridge Springs. It was really bright outside, so we went into several shops to be out of the sun. It was fun to look around, and I found a set of the Risë Stevens love songs record at the junk shop. Yay. It's a little mildewy, but I hope that can be remedied.

We came back and took a nap, which left me really dazed when we did get up. We dressed in our tuxedo shirts because Ron and Barbara were doing a concert that night after dinner. It ended right at sundown, so we stole away. Robert had called Dan though about his server and that crisis had to be remedied. Then we went upstairs and I had my bath and we enjoyed each other's company until we decided to go to bed.

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