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Molly is on her play mat while I am playing Wee Sing Around the Campfire for her. Her mirror, thanks to a picture of Bella's play mat, is now attached correctly so she can actually use it.

I'm so, so tired. As in... I feel like a machine. We watched "Dark Frontier" last night (a Voyager double episode) which was, sadly, cut off at the climax. I need to ask Dan if he found the ending anywhere. I had to stop it anyway because Molly was going crazy and needed to be put to bed. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Seven of Nine is pretty much how I feel this morning. A mindless drone.

I could barely get myself out of bed this morning. Molly woke about 5.30 and just wouldn't go back to sleep, so I lay her beside me figuring that at least *I* could sleep a little more. Not so much luck with that. She fell asleep, though, and peed on the sheets. Thanks, child.

I was bummed that we didn't get to go hike yesterday. The laundry just took so long and then I was tired.

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I have not been so sick in years. The last time I had a fever was right after we were married, and the last time I threw up was over 10 years ago. (Not counting puking up cranberries whilst birthin' ma baby.)

Thanks to Tylenol and a cool bath I feel a bit better for the moment. I had a glass of milk and some graham crackers but aside from that I'm sticking to plain water. Tummy needs a rest.

I'm still confused, though, why my LUNCH was still in my stomach over 12 hours after eating lunch. TMI, I know. But I'd think that should have been done digesting by then.

Anyway... Oh, and all last night whilst I couldn't sleep, Uncle Jay's singing episodes were circling madly in my head driving me CRAZY. They are funny, but not when I just want my sleep.

Molly is sleeping pretty well at night now once she is settled. Sometimes she does four hours at a time now. I like this.
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Molly is a sleepyhead today.

Well, Dan's experiment seemed to be pretty successful last night. Having her bed right beside me gave me no excuse for not putting her back in it, either. She did cry a long time at the outset and after one feeding/diaper change she cried until I fed her a little more and then she settled down.

We'll try it again tonight. I'm hoping she'll be up and awake more this afternoon so she won't be so abubble with energy when bedtime rolls around tonight, so this morning sleepiness is okay by me.

Dan made me a happy water container of joy. Okay, so it's just a quart jar with a straw-hole drilled in the lid, but it makes me happy for a variety of reasons.

1. It will be WAY easier to wash than a water bottle.
2. I only have to drink 3 a day and it will be easier to keep track than trying to think, "Did I drink my 8 and a half such-and-such size glasses today?"

I made gingerbread dough this morning and stuck it in the fridge. I'll bake the cookies at some point tomorrow so they will be fresher to take up to Yakima when we head out Friday.

I also packed up all the clothes I'm going to take with us for her. Seriously... a huge pile. I'm hoping if I overdo it, then she won't need that many. But I also don't want to be caught short by not bringing enough and then she has massive poop explosions every few hours.
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Just want to throw this out there: if you're into taking pictures, check out [livejournal.com profile] photo_scavenger where we are doing a theme challenge for every week of the year. It's really fun to take part as well as see how everyone else interprets the themes. Still a brand-new group, so it would be lovely to see even more people jump in!

Also, I slept last night. As in slept for two or three hour chunks. Today I can take on the world.
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First night of Molly in portable crib=about 90% successful. It still was around midnight before I was able to settle her down enough to sleep, but she then woke up exactly three hours later at 3.30 and then at 6.30. She cried being put down the first time, but after the 3.30 feeding I made sure she was totally asleep before lying her down and not a peep.

I'd really like to sleep more myself, but I'm hungry so I'm going to take advantage of her sleeping to get some food into me, get dressed, and go for a quick walk. If she keeps to her schedule she'll wake up again at 9.30.
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Following some sage advice from a [livejournal.com profile] krikketgirl, this mother decided to go ahead and start transitioning M to her crib in the other room. First step: portable crib at foot of our bed. This way she's by neither of our heads (specifically mine), but still handy to fetch when nom time cometh. Going to try this for a few nights and see if it helps us (and her) sleep better.

She's continued to be pretty good today, though around lunch time she was kind of fussbudgety and needed a lot of attention. She finally did go to sleep though.

I've had a pretty productive day: did a load of sheets and towels, sorted out her next size of clothes and made them easily available for when we need them (she's already growing out of some of her first sleepers!), made eggplant curry for lunch, washed the dishes, put away the laundry, took the dining room chairs back downstairs, ironed the sheet/pillowcases, finished all my e-mails that I needed to send...

In other words, I've been busy. It has felt good to be busy and not be overwhelmed with fatigue.

Donna is going to come by at some point tomorrow to watch Molly so we can "do whatever". I'm sure Dan will be working; I've been wanting to draw a picture of M though and haven't had a chance, so I think I'll do that while she's here.
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Two years ago today Dan asked me to marry him. :-)

Had a fairly good night and did actually sleep a bit. I'm so tired and don't really realise it until sleepiness hits me like a tidal wave, literally. I feel as if I'm actually being draped in something warm... and then Molly squeaks or something and wakes me back up. She did much better just being in bed with us all night though, and until about 3 am didn't need much attention. After that though she wanted to be fed, and kept falling asleep in mid-gulp, so the process of getting her fed was a very, very long and drawn-out affair (it was almost six by the time she was finally satisfied and went to sleep). I'm going to try again here shortly with her partially disrobed.

Spot is curled up looking dejected at the foot of the bed. Poor Spot. Molly is adorable in her little bundly suit that Dan put her in yesterday. SOOOOOOO much easier to get her in and out of than a sleeper for the 1,002,036 diaper changes she requires each day. She's wiggled one of her hands partially out of it and I see tiny fingers peeking.

18 degrees out. Brr. But better than the 6 it is in Yakima.

Oh. And this morning I declined when Dan offered to take a picture of this HUGE blood clot I passed. GAAAAAAAG. He was joking... I hope.
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  • 09:45:23: is not happy with the Indian child sponsorship people. At all.
  • 15:00:13: @jacquelynfisher Oh, I'm just annoyed that they do not seem to care to communicate with me no matter how much I try to contact them...
  • 15:00:38: is sitting on the couch with an achy back while Anna sweeps cobwebbery from the ceiling.
  • 16:44:41: like a ravening she-wolf diggeth in the freezer, seeking what she may devour... because she is too lazy to make apple pie.
  • 17:49:43: wishes she had a Baby Eject Button
  • 21:27:58: Baby, spare that rib! It's mine! NOT YOUR PERSONAL FOOTREST.
  • 22:09:39: setting aside electronic devices in favour of sleep

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  • 02:22:53: is cuddling a purring kitten and wondering... what mean these cramps a-marching in?
  • 07:10:08: is not ready to be up because she didn't sleep much this morning. But up she must get and ready for church.
  • 09:50:33: is still tired. Hoping she can make it through church
  • 16:36:58: up from nap, staring into space like zombie, and starving
  • 17:36:03: is back from a nice little walk and reading Christ's Object Lessons
  • 18:47:19: is an impatient woman.
  • 22:26:10: is glad for a restful Sabbath and looking forward to, she hopes, a productive day tomorrow.

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  • 07:13:59: is out of bed. Would rather stay IN bed.
  • 08:21:34: getting ready to go for her morning walk... er, morning waddle.
  • 09:54:52: thinks she was wrong in believing she descended from ducks. It had to have been penguins.
  • 11:02:29: is working on the Baldwin Herald, eating dried cranberries, feeling GooGoo wiggle, and listening to Fernando Ortega.
  • 14:52:32: is fresh out of the tub. Going to go clean up the kitchen and then get Anna's bed ready. :-D
  • 15:42:47: is thiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty. Ironing sheets.
  • 16:34:02: finished the ironing. Catching her breath before moving on to her next task.
  • 17:44:00: sitting upstairs contemplating the silence downstairs that probably means the dryer door popped open again. *sigh*
  • 18:04:58: can't decide if her back is actually numb in spots or if it's just super-sensitive to her clothes right now. Probably the latter.
  • 18:05:39: Calm all your fears, and dry all your tears: love will remain when all else shall wane, guiding me on through the years......
  • 20:16:01: is ready for bed. Though, technically, she was ready for bed about 12 hours ago.
  • 21:36:41: going to pick up Anna shortly.

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I'm planning to make soup for lunch.

Somehow, though, instead of making the soup, I'm sitting here on the couch typing a post because I feel like cosying up in the cushiness and just going to sleep, really. I think there is no such thing as too much sleep now.

GooGoo is wiggly.

Someday I'll write a post that has a point.
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  • 04:30:39: is lying awake at 3.30am. joy.
  • 08:58:56: another day. Happy rain outside.
  • 09:03:53: Also, GooGoo has been in hyper mode almost constantly for hours. He needs to calm down. It cannot be THAT exciting in there.
  • 09:30:47: smells yummy scrambled tofu cooking.
  • 11:08:44: says hello, she is going to pop at any moment like an overinflated balloon.
  • 14:13:34: And Jael said, Let there be a bath in the midst of the bathroom, and let the warm waters be divided from the cold waters, and it was so.
  • 14:45:35: And Jael beheld, and lo, the bath was very good.
  • 19:49:09: is making sliced baked potatoes for herself and counting down to bedtime. Sleep=best thing ever when one can get it.
  • 21:06:54: gets to make a Powell's Pilgrimage tomorrow whilst Mr Baldwin is at his meeting. I think it will be a Good Day.
  • 22:18:32: suspects that GooGoo ain't long for this womb.
  • 22:22:08: realises that Ginny does not agree with my suspicions.

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Yay, my Pooh sheets are in Albany as of this morning, so they may come today. Nice.

Slept pretty well last night, actually, which was a nice change of pace considering yesterday's utter lack of activity. I'm up at closer to my normal time, too, which is good.

Today I need to think of something to take to potluck tomorrow.

And something warm for breakfast that does not involve waffles. Not sure that can be done, though, because I think I may go the French toast route and waffles is the closest thing to regular bread in the house.
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  • 07:51:27: sitting in bed with a puffmuffin kitty who as of today has lived with us one whole year. *squishy*
  • 08:39:45: just touched Spot and he got all defensive. Guess I'll go for a walk since he doesn't like me. :-(
  • 14:15:11: is getting the lace sewn onto the last few fan blades for her quilt. Then it gets tucked away for now. Yay.
  • 15:09:23: FAN BLADES=DONE. Lunch=about to be eaten. Rice and garbanzos with carrots, green pepper, garlic, and an egg. And Parmesan. Nom.
  • 15:17:56: is pretty sure that Squirmy GooGoo wants to come out soon. Right, GooGoo?
  • 16:28:01: should be doing dishes and isn't; should be cleaning the office and isn't; shouldn't be a lazy bum and is
  • 17:09:19: thinks it's time for some rousing Yankee Doodle Dandy soundtrack! Even if she *wasn't* born in Virginia. Doing dishes now.
  • 17:23:17: Downside of listening to YDD soundtrack: it causes my feet to want to dance. This could be dangerous.
  • 17:41:32: is working herself into a Cagney mood via YouTube. It doesn't take much.
  • 18:11:52: feels kind of antsy. and tense. and restless. time to get off here and try to do some more cleaning upstairs.
  • 21:23:36: is thankful that God has bestowed creative power on our race and would like to be cuddling her little bundle of joy right now.
  • 21:24:29: also hopes that said bundle of joy will be more cuddly than the orange ball of fire that sits just out of my reach.
  • 23:03:08: is going to sleep after laughing herself senseless and otherthingsless for a while. Good night, all.

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  • 03:12:56: two-ten am, bladder woke me up, now can't get back to sleep. wish spot would come back to bed. atleast he is fuzzy comfort
  • 04:25:25: 3.23am. still not sleeping and somebody banished my kitty from the room. :-(
  • 06:03:05: 5am, still haven't slept. down on couch relaxing as best I can with Ortega in my ears, but GooGoo is having a squirm fest now. CONSPIRACY!
  • 08:19:04: In true Robert Benchley style, I drifted off just as my alarm went off. I'm not kidding. I know because the same song was still playing...
  • 08:19:46: ...and then GooGoo gave my bladder a head butt of doom, so there went my chances of going back to sleep.
  • 11:17:16: listening to Prisoner of Zenda whilst relaxing or attempting to relax. Between Doug Jr voice and Ronnie voice I am made calm.
  • 13:03:27: Dear Self, "...the glutton shall come to poverty." Bear this in mind this afternoon. We do not want a repeat of last night. Thank you.
  • 22:19:05: sitting in bed being massaged by my husband. It feels lovely. I am so, so tired. I really hope I can sleep tonight. Lovely baby shower.

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  • 09:32:55: had a good night's sleep, by the way. Thanks God.
  • 11:28:11: @jacquelynfisher Overseas sounds so fun right now. Can I come too? LOL
  • 13:31:17: Spot is an armless, furry slug on my pillow. Wish my camera was handy. It's hilarious.
  • 20:18:54: has a houseful of folk and one of them is playing the guitar. Life is good.
  • 21:13:37: [This is] the end of the matter; all hath been heard: fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.
  • 22:17:08: ready for beddybye. So glad it's Sabbath. WHEEEEEEEEEEE REST! I CAN HAS! and maybe another shoulder massage from Mr Baldwin

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  • 04:34:53: it's 4 in the morning baby I can't sleep, I can't seem to get you out of my mind. You keep tossing and turning Yearning for the sun to shine
  • 06:26:22: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah go away morning i wasn't ready to meet you
  • 07:25:55: just spilled milk all over the floor. Joy.
  • 08:14:09: is watching Spot eat the cardboard innards out of his brand new mouse she just gave him yesterday. It's kind of gross.
  • 10:06:08: just cleaned two heaters and vacuumed the bedroom, bathroom and hall. Now for the office floor. IIiiiw
  • 13:55:50: has a Very Naughty Kitty.
  • 14:04:37: instead of cuddling at a convenient time, Spot has decided to curl up on the afghan in progress and take a nap.
  • 14:05:35: And when I touch him he bites me. Thanks, Spot, I love you too.
  • 16:21:33: seriously wonders about some people's brains sometimes.
  • 16:31:19: is listening to Spot snore and getting ready to make vegan cheese sauce. She can't knit, but she thinks she can cook, anyway.
  • 18:10:31: *twitches as GooGoo drums around*
  • 18:18:13: is laughing so hard at today's cake wrecks (yes, again) that her organs hurt.
  • 19:31:38: Tonight's dinner=basically inedible. Time for a bath.
  • 20:56:25: is glad her child is alive and kicking, but hopes that he will stop stabbing her with fingernails or sabres or whatever it is he's using.

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Seriously not ready for this day. I kept waking up and after about four AM I never really went back to sleep. Only plus to this was that Spot was completely konked out beside me and for once in his life did not object to being unreservedly snuggled. But still, sleep would have been better. GooGoo was being a squigglesquirm and his heaviness was really making me ache.

Today's Cake Wrecks had me laughing, though.

While I was lying awake I felt so frustrated at the fact that my knitting attempts yesterday were so lousy. I guess I need to find someone who actually knows what she's doing, who can sit down with me and work out the kinks. Somebody at church has to know how to knit.

I feel immensely bored right now and the day hasn't even begun. I have plenty I can do. I know it won't be knitting.
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  • 07:04:43: slept in for an extra half-hour. Now hungry as a bear, however hungry that is.
  • 09:28:02: Up at last. This is going to be another NSG day though. Going to force myself to relax and then maybe tomorrow I'll feel better again. :-/
  • 13:24:25: just ate huge hunk of cornbread, two bowls of rice with veggies and white sauce, and a slab of cake with blueberries. Her poor stomach.
  • 13:44:28: can't imagine why her organs all feel smushed. Also, is breathing like she ran a marathon. SHE WAS SEWING.
  • 15:40:06: just got kicked in a rib for the first time. Uh... ow?
  • 20:36:59: is amused that Ginny is having synthetic pain instead of Dan. Also, now that reminds her she hasn't seen Random Harvest in forEVER.
  • 21:47:47: ew heartburn. go away.

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