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I have not been so sick in years. The last time I had a fever was right after we were married, and the last time I threw up was over 10 years ago. (Not counting puking up cranberries whilst birthin' ma baby.)

Thanks to Tylenol and a cool bath I feel a bit better for the moment. I had a glass of milk and some graham crackers but aside from that I'm sticking to plain water. Tummy needs a rest.

I'm still confused, though, why my LUNCH was still in my stomach over 12 hours after eating lunch. TMI, I know. But I'd think that should have been done digesting by then.

Anyway... Oh, and all last night whilst I couldn't sleep, Uncle Jay's singing episodes were circling madly in my head driving me CRAZY. They are funny, but not when I just want my sleep.

Molly is sleeping pretty well at night now once she is settled. Sometimes she does four hours at a time now. I like this.
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  • 07:40:21: is chilly. 41 outside. Brr.
  • 09:27:44: thought the nausea garbage was over. Seriously, self. Stop. *lies down*
  • 09:49:19: nearly threw up just now. This is irritating. And Spot is being a pill...
  • 10:55:24: is quite positive The Foot is out to get her. Not so positive that The Foot has a mate. Because she only ever feels The One.
  • 11:28:03: is heroically resisting the urge to eat chocolate. Spot is not resisting the urge to chew his toy mouse to shreds.
  • 12:44:02: got a message with the subject "Stinky Cheese". Should she trash it now, or else it will translate her documents into Swahili?
  • 12:46:31: @Zizzabeth HAHAHA! Kids need to be EDUCATED.
  • 12:47:14: is making vegan mac and cheese for lunch. And veggies of some kind as yet undetermined. Nothing sounds better, however, than sleep.
  • 14:58:59: is up from a nap that brought her no sleep, just a wiggly child.
  • 15:37:21: oh warm bath how i will love you in about two minutes
  • 16:29:51: succumbed and had a few chocolate chips. Don't judge. Peppermint tea sounds really good as well.
  • 22:59:35: is getting ready to go to lala land. The Oregon Adventist Men's Choir is at Lebanon church tomorrow. I want to go. Decisions, decisions.

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I am attempting to cook limas and lentils. This is proving interesting considering my state of massive not-feeling-wellness. At the moment I have them both on low just sitting on the stove soaking until I get myself pulled together.

I thought on my walk this morning that I actually felt rather grand considering. That went out the window mighty fast. Blah.
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  • 07:13:03: has one day and a wakeup to CARROT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also Spot is being super precious right now here in bed.
  • 07:54:37: eats chocolate with cocoanut for breakfast. Bad bobbin. (She promises she also ate something healthy.)
  • 08:58:17: returned from a walk with Mr B, got way too excited about the ensuing bathroom run, made the bed, and is now pondering life at 36 weeks.
  • 15:16:01: on the bed listening to the rainy greyness of the outdoors and looking up things on BlueLetterBible.com
  • 15:51:49: just had it suggested to her that block sanders work great on calloused feet. Thanks, I'll pass.
  • 16:35:24: elevenish hours to CARROT CAKE!
  • 18:10:12: about to head out to a soupy social at the Lebanon church. Should be fun!
  • 21:17:52: ate too much and feels sick.
  • 22:14:17: ate 4 bowls of soup, 4 slices of bread, ton of cookies, & a bunch of candy & a gob of liquid. Feels disgusting now. Going to sleep it off.

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  • 19:24:57: just threw up a little in my mouth. Ew.
  • 20:51:35: wondering why the neighbours have to pollute the air with downy at this late hour
  • 20:56:00: enjoying the subterranean upheaval that is GooGoo

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Today's food )

I really feel bleh. Something about standing making my smoothie brought on nausea yesterday morning and it's kind of doing the same thing this morning.

Also, when I came downstairs this morning I got assaulted by Downy Stench Wafting In. People who live behind us are apparently Downy addicts, and while I don't quite understand who does laundry at this hour of the morning anyway... had a coughing fit. Must remember to shut kitchen window at night.

Dan is on the verge of changing his mind about the boy's middle name yet again. I was like... three months left, now. But, it wouldn't really surprise me if he at the last minute decided on something totally new.

I can't say anything because I almost changed the girl middle name at one point, too, but decided against it.
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Swallowing pills turns on the gag reflex in me. This is why I cut up my pills into small pieces, and take them with milk or juice or lemon-juice-water (straight water makes the reflex worse).

Well, I'm out of juice and milk and I didn't put enough lemon juice in the water, so I managed to not just gag this morning but actually throw up. And of course the vitamin says to take after eating.


GooGoo is getting only 3/4 of the vitamin today.
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Well, my Halls Defence Drops got left behind in Pedee. We had gotten to the bottom of the hill by the time I remembered them and it was getting late and I didn't want to drive ALL the way back up there for them. We had to go to WinCo afterwards and didn't get home and in bed until almost midnight. Dan went right to sleep. I had to sit up because I couldn't breathe lying down. Yes, another grand night of not really sleeping very well. Blah.

Today I'm doing some laundry so it's not such a big load on Wednesday. I also cleaned the bedroom. As in I dusted and vacuumed and everything is in order. I feel like that is a major accomplishment until I leave the room and come into the office or the bathroom. I guess I'll tackle one of them tomorrow.

I keep staring at this post and not writing anything. It's time to think about lunch. I'm tired of thinking about food.
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Dan has moved that we not go to Pedee until this afternoon. I approve. This will give me time to make a casserole to take along so Donna doesn't have to cook us anything and then we won't have to take Spot either since we won't be gone as long.

Spot was cuddly last night but I do feel like I got a fairly good stretch of sleep. I woke up at 5 am instead of 2 to go to the bathroom. I also had this huge crusty glob of dried blood almost completely closing one nostril. That was gross.

Also, this has me drooling:
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Hall's Defense Drops are my best friend.
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Well, the sore throat seems to be not getting worse, but the cough is. I can barely talk now. Blah.
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Just when I think it can't get any worse, it gets worse.

I woke up at like 3.30am with my throat so sore I could barely swallow, so I warmed up a glass of cranberry juice with a Walborn tablet in and that was really helpful. I was able to go back to bed and rest (though I didn't really sleep much after that).

Now, though, it's bad again.

I feel like my computer has become EMERAC. I keep typing actual questions into the Google box. I have Desk Set on the brain lately and I don't own it and that makes me sad. I may have to buy myself a copy. But I don't want to pay shipping and Ginny always mocks me if I buy something else just to get the free shipping. *sigh*

Guess I better go find something I can eat. Taking my vitamin is going to be a joy this morning. Blah.
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Spot is a maniac.

I feel terrible.

That is all.
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i hate cottonwood fluff
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So... I got up at about 5.45 to go to the bathroom and was seized with a back spasm that severely limited my mobility. I managed to get back to bed and my whinings of pain woke up Mr Baldwin who proceeded to try all sorts of things - ice, massage - to no avail. Now I have managed to sit up against a veritable Mt Hood of piilows and as long as I hold still I am fine - although I suspicion that if I just got up and began my day I might recover in a more quick way. I HAVE THINGS TO DO...........
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I had a dream that Lieutenant Commander Data was sent out on missions and kept disappearing, reappearing after at time to relate some really weird experience.

I blame Dan for this one. He said my eyes looked yellow.

I can't see that they do, though. If they did, I'd freak out.

I hate life just now.
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I lied. The fever so wasn't gone. It came back with a vengeance. Ew.

Also, for the record, my husband holds my hand and wipes my tears away. You all should be really jealous.
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Oh. My.

So I woke up this morning and felt totally recovered.

Until I got out of bed.

I think el fever is gone, but I am most light of head and dizzy every time I get up. We watched "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". It was good. Now I am trying to get up the strength to walk to the bathroom.

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I end up having a full-blown, all-out fever.

I hate being sick.

I hate achy bones and hollow head caused by fever.


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