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The mist outside really just descended so suddenly. When I came down here a little bit ago it was barely there at all and now I can just faintly make out the white trim on the house on the other side of the Elks parking lot - and only the white trim. I can't see the house at all. Very, very strange.

Dan is at Lois' house helping her with some computer issues she's having and I'm here at home feeling miserable but did finally get up the gumption to get the dishes washed. After all, if I have the energy to pop my frozen peach pie in the oven, the least I can do to earn the right to eat it is wash dishes, right?

I have really wanted peaches. We are out of frozen, which I wanted to stir into yogurt last night, and that made me sad. The only peaches we have in the house are in this pie. So... the pie is now out of the freezer and being revitalised in Mr Oven. Yum... I hope! This is my first attempt at warming over a (homemade) frozen pie.

The candles and the Hanukkah lights make it feel very nice and warm in here, too. What I feel like doing more than anything is curling up in bed and snuggling with Mr Baldwin, but probably by the time I creak and groan myself up the stairs tonight all I will have energy left for is dropping off to sleep.

GooGoo has one more day to be a November baby and make his mother really happy. He's been a lot less active today though he has still been moving around. My appointment tomorrow isn't until the afternoon because the midwife has some house visits to make... so that will be kind of strange, but nice if I decide to sleep in some in the morning.

Sort of bored. Should go finish the dishes, I guess. Wish I had the presence of mind to read, but I do not... although I have been going at "Christ's Object Lessons" pretty steadily.
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Sitting on the couch. Just made the bed minus bedspread which is still in the dryer. Sending intense telepathic messages to GooGoo à la Geo. Cohan, but I am not sure he is listening. Clearly he is utterly unimpressed that Bella is beating him in the race to Out.

Spot is mewing outside. He has been out several times today because the weather is so pleasant and unwet and suitable for feline forays in the fresh fall air. Hence I am a bit reluctant to have him come in.

I am totally hearing a Jerry Collona noise.

Also... on Thanksgiving, my mom is bringing cheesecake and I am going to eat it ALL.


Sort of.

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Ouchy back. I am sitting on the couch and feeling very very sleepy. Had a nice lunch of baked potatoes with lovely trimmings like salsa and green onions and such. And two s'mores.

Today the weather has been unable to decide if it wants to be sunny or pouring rain.

Some cigarette-smoking military men were over in the Elks parking lot shooting off blanks in formal rows and then scurrying around picking up the debris like kids with a pinata. We laughed.

Anna gave the tub a thorough scrubbing and cleansing this morning and then vacuumed/washed the floor in there while I polished up mirrors and bathroom sinks and counters. I love having mirrored closet doors, but maintaining them is rather tiresome at times.
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The sun looks like it is coming out and the Elks parking lot is rapidly filling up. They had some bazaar thing going on yesterday all day that is continuing today, so I'm sure it will be crowded with cars around here all day.

Dan left a few minutes ago. I'll need to be heading out here shortly myself since I'll be walking over there this morning and it takes about 20 minutes when we walk fast. So I'll leave at 9. Better get my crackers or something to take along. And run to the bathroom. Again.

Voice Post

Oct. 23rd, 2009 04:53 pm
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I think everyone and their fifth cousin is at this house right now.

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What peals of raucous guffaws, what elky noises, what YO YO YO, what immature non-conversation emanates from the neighbours' porch.

How can a group of people sit around for a full afternoon only making noises, spiced occasionally with a piece of sentence structure? Have they NOTHING better to do?

FURTHERMORE, do they realise that my WINDOW IS OPEN and I'm about to record their hullabaloo via a voice post for posterity?
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And the sky became dark as sackcloth of hair, and the heavens poured down their liquid fury upon Lebanon.

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The windchime-like ruckus outside ended up being a team of horses being hitched to some sort of wagon thingy decorated with lights.

Which brings us to the burning question: CAN HORSES SEE IN THE DARK?


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