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Being up from 11-something to 1-something tending a fussy child: not so lovely.
Having child sleep like a log from 1-something to 5-thirty: lovely.

Waking up with headache: highly uncomfortable.
Prospect of frosted mini-wheats for breakfast: somewhat comforting.

Pile of laundry that NEEDS to be done today: daunting.
Fact that Donna is providing lunch for the clan today: relieving.


Also, I repeat that had "Voyager" been made a few decades earlier, Katharine Hepburn would have been Janeway. We watched the first episode last night, which was nice to get the scoop on how they ended up in the Delta Quadrant and more about who's who. The Hepburn-ness was brought home for me by Janeway's parting message to her boyfriend that involved a dog and general cuteness that I suspect only Hepburn could pull off in my ancient world of reality. So, anyway. Janeway's only real major failing in my mind is that she does not point correctly a la Picard when she says "engage".
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Sometimes, things happen that, were I not absolutely confident of God's love and grace and the protective presence of angels in our home, would send me over the edge Very Fast Indeed. I'm not going to divulge what exactly happened, because some things are just better put behind one, but I was very thankful last night that Dan was beside me and that God was only a prayer away. God has promised, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper", and this I cling to in faith.

Today was the first time in two weeks that some semblance of normalcy returned to our lives. We had breakfast together and yours truly actually put on her glasses and went for a walk as per her regular routine. Dan came along with Molly in the Baby Bjorn and it just felt so good to get out and move. When we got back, I emptied my sewing closet seeking the stroller seat and found it, but as soon as I sat down to start working on it, my stitches got angry at me.

So I had to give up and go lie down. I thought I would have to stay home while Dan went shopping and this made me really sad, but then I decided to just go anyway because I just *had* to get out of the house. I stayed in the car at some stops. Molly did quite well. She slept in her carrier the whole time we were in Fred Meyer and constantly freaked me out because she seemed determined to suffocate herself. I'd move her face out of my clothes only to have her stuff her fingers up her nose or something. *sigh* She decided she was hungry as soon as we pulled out of the FM parking lot, though, and had to wait until we got to Mega Foods in Lebanon to have her snack. Made for a noisy ride.

Got home and unloaded all our junk and had some dinner and then I sat in the bath for a while because I was so ouchy. Molly has been sleeping in her bouncy chair downstairs. I think I hear her starting to whimper though.
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I am so bored this morning. Just tired enough to not be able to focus on reading, let alone anything more mentally demanding, and very achy every time I get up and try to move. The kitchen needs to be cleaned up and I haven't got it in me.

So I listened to a couple sermons and basked in the glowing ghettoness of my blue and white light job in my room. Literally, I tossed a pile of lights over my bookshelf so it hangs down on either side with the excess clumped up on top. Ghetto. But that's okay.

And now I'm downloading more sermons because I think today is going to be a sermon day. Listening, I can do easily while lying down with my eyes closed.
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The office seems really huge now that the cot and the ironing board and the car seat box and scores of other things are no longer on the floor. I can deal with that. Dan cleaned out the coat closet downstairs and reorganised it. I think he's nesting.

Walking around is very painful today. Therefore... no luck finding stroller seat. I did get my lights on the stair railing. They look a tad ghetto with all the bare wires (can't find any ribbons in my stash that are either white or blue *and* long enough) but they make me happy.

Every few minutes I feel starving to death again and have to go eat something.

That has been my day. How is yours?
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  • 02:50:29: isn't happy that the contractions seem to have stopped. Back to bed.
  • 07:30:52: Morning has broken... nothing else has, though. Blah. But she will not stop hoping for a GooGoo to come today anyway.
  • 08:49:09: is making pumpkin pies for the first time in her life. Wish her luck.
  • 10:39:55: So far, the pies look acceptable. They are about ready to take out of the oven.
  • 11:06:14: is on a cracker binge.
  • 14:06:55: 's back hates her; she returns the compliment. Sitting on the bed with comfy pillows trying to alleviate the situation. *sigh*
  • 15:05:10: is enjoying how Raffi has turned "Goodnight, Irene" from a slightly sordid love story to a song about sleeping animals. I heart you, Raffi.
  • 15:58:04: Fuzzy Spot - stolen valuable real estate on the pillow I *was* leaning on. Wiggly GooGoo - treating me to some nice fakey contractions.
  • 17:11:08: is slathering her freshly sanded feet with vitamin E cream.
  • 19:41:28: GooGoo is antsy. But he isn't apparently antsy enough to come out yet. Boo. Back to OCD-ing about my Thanksgiving table now.
  • 22:28:42: is heading to bed to charge up for all the giving of thanks tomorrow.

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  • 09:58:48: doubleA tripleA nickel-metal-hydride! <---Try saying that fast several times.
  • 12:03:11: trying to get Spot to be a good kitten and trying to convince her body it doesn't HAVE to hurt every time she shifts positions.
  • 12:13:17: has a new talent: impaling her hands with knives. Don't ask. Ouch.
  • 20:15:30: sitting on the floor full of yummy dinner that involved mushed kidney beans. Yum.
  • 20:41:51: is peeling tacky price stickers off her new books.
  • 22:06:26: Sandycat is feeding his neighbours onions, I am listening to the rainy windiness outside, and Spot is crying.

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Spot is seriously obsessed with this one pillow. I really wish I understood why. All I had to do was set it beside me here on the bed and he instantly curled up on it. He may have left otherwise. He's so soft and orange and fat looking right now.

Last night we watched a Voyager episode on YouTube that was pretty good (Retrospect) while we ate French fries and morningstar Chik Patties (I was craving. Hush). I was having a slight sensation of numbness in my back again, which has been happening for several nights in a row now. I'm not so sure that it was really numb, though, since I was highly sensible of being brushed with a paintbrush via Dan. :-p He gave me a shoulder/back rub and said there was some funny crinkles going on in one shoulder, so that was probably the cause. Side sleeping I will blame. I can't wait to sleep on my back again.

My idea for supper tonight: popcorn, apples, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and other such similar easiness. Not super exciting, perhaps, but I don't want to be thoroughly exhausted trying to please, either.

I need to eat breakfast now. Not sure what I want. I'm kind of obsessed with my waffles. Maybe I'll have some of those and an egg or something.
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  • 07:47:32: ug.
  • 08:27:09: thinks it's time to get her husband talked into making breakfast. Fried po-tay-toes!
  • 09:13:45: is making fried potatoes herself. This dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddxxxxddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  • 09:14:12: ccccccccccccccccc v That... would be Spot.
  • 11:35:32: finished dusting the living roomand is about to take a load of stuff upstairs to put away where it belongs. Spot is a lunatic meantime.
  • 13:42:39: has her enchiladas in the oven and is folding all Baby Baldwin's freshly washed laundry. Squee.
  • 15:24:35: thinks it is sad when companies use Non-Preshrunk Cloth to make things.
  • 16:12:05: just finished the oh-so-essential Baby Preparation Task of hanging up Classic Pooh valances in the office. Don't judge.
  • 18:16:13: is sitting in the dusky twilight of the living room thinking about putting away laundry, closing the window, and peeing. Not in that order.
  • 21:12:59: does not know if she can handle 34 more days of achy hips and misery. please come a bit early, GooGoo.

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  • 10:45:30: just got a large load of Bosc pears drying. Now planning a quilt because she can.
  • 12:19:00: Quilt pattern completed. Now... for The Execution. But not until I eat, because I'm starving.
  • 13:23:59: Food-filled tummy is now ready to tackle the quilt.
  • 18:55:37: has an ouchy back and a wildly flailing baby and a floor full of fabric.
  • 20:51:38: back pain x 10,000 is what she gets from sitting on the floor too long. oooowwwwwwwwwww
  • 21:35:08: is lying abed longing for the sweet oblivion of sleep. GooGoo and my bladder conspire together against this end.

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So far today I have:

Had a sore, miserably achy hip from lying on it too long in the night (or something).

Been massaged by my husband of the healing touch.

And sneezed violently once.


In 15 minutes I get my finger pricked again. Here's hoping for a better result.
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This is my "Don't mess with the heartburn lady" face:

Srsly. It needs to GO AWAY.


This is my "I'm so bored I can't think of anything to do but yawn" face:


And this is my "Jael needs to go to bed/get her hips massaged/has big hair/is in general miserable" face:

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Well, I went to sleep on my right side at about 11pm. At about 4.30 this morning I woke up and hadn't, apparently, moved a muscle in the night. My sleep-benumbed brain thought it would be a smart reflex to stretch out my legs.

He was oh so wrong. Ouch ouchy ouch. I actually made enough noise to wake up Dan, it hurt so bad. So he rubbed my legs for me and that helped me be able to get up and go to the bathroom (walking, I might add, not unlike the toy man I had as a child whose legs were perpetually astraddle on or off his horse).

They still are really stiff, although they don't hurt quite as much. I'm going to go for a walk now and see if I can loosen them up some more.


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