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Well, I finally saw this today. It was good. In most ways it was really just a repetition of things I already know. I have read so many books since I foumd out I was pregnant, plus between my midwife and Frances feel that if I was cut open at any point I'd bleed natural birth information instead of blood.

For the people whom I've heard call this film propaganda, I have to disagree. They plainly presented surgery as necessary in certain situations. Even the lady helping film ended up with a caesarean.

The point of the film was a little vague, as if it couldn't decide to be an exposé on hospital procedure/conspiracy of insurance companies or encouraging women to not be afraid to allow the natural birth process to just work. I preferred the latter idea myself.

Having had a natural birth, I know I will never choose to do it any other way barring legitimate cause (and it will take that to get this woman anywhere near a hospital). It isn't unbearable. It requires no superhuman strength. It is about just working with your body and your baby, and anyone can do it. Not just the veggie-eating, recycling, bra-burning hippies like me.

In short, I think the impact was lost on me really. Were I completely unacquainted with midwifwery, it might be different, but I grew up where a hospital was not the preferred option. It's only been in the last couple years that I have done my homework to know why it's best, but from my childhood the only way I envisioned birth for me was at home. It isn't an alien concept like it is for most people.

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I have brownies in the oven. The fact that they have almonds in them makes them healthy, right?

Also, the weather today makes me feel like bellowing,

Falling leaves,
And fading trees,
Goodbye, Summer!

[/Egelbauer moment] (Go to 2.39 and 3.58 ish)
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  • 06:16:07: Dear Joann FabricsE-mail Ad, I do not want great deals on fleece, thank you very much.
  • 08:54:36: just finished a Lovely Fried Potato Breakfast with her husband. She also had peanut butter toast and three ginger cookies. And pills.
  • 08:55:38: @Ruthette I would hug you and tell you to get better, but... I guess I'll just have to settle for hoping you get better.
  • 11:41:17: is insanely hot.
  • 13:26:31: OUCH. GooGoo. Not the fingernail poke of doom again.
  • 14:35:06: The neighbours' dog makes hen-laying-eggs noises when he tries to poop.
  • 14:55:37: http://bit.ly/r94wl I'm glad this isn't MY last name.
  • 21:27:18: watched The Bride Came COD w/ her man, took bath to soothe achy breaky hindquarters, and is heading to bed hearing coyote noises...

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Reason I love fall:

It means winter is coming.

Reason I love winter:

It means it will be cold.

Reason I like cold:

It means my love for snuggling deep in a pile of toasty warm blankets in bed can be fully realised without the slightest discomfort.

If we got more snow here in Lebanon, everything would be just perfect for a Me. But I won't complain, anyway, because life is good.


Slept fairly well last night despite waking up several times. Spot cuddled but stayed out of mischief and I managed to avoid having to actually get up to pee until Dan's alarm went off.

Oh, and we watched "Insurrection", which was much fun. Spot was quite engrossed in it for a long time, too, which was really funny to watch.

Time to begin the day.
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...I'm not much with this romantic stuff, but I think you're simply ripping. "

"I'm dripping, Willie."

I have no idea why this dialogue is running through my head. I have issues.


I saw a stick stuck upright in the river while walking this morning and my first thought was of Beau Geste and I had a Sudden Great Urge to see it. But I don't have it. Sad.

And I'm not sure why a stick stuck upright in the river made me think of Beau Geste, but it did, so there.

I wonder if it's normal to have certain parts of movies or certain events so vividly clear in my mind that I can play them back. Sometimes I find it disturbing.

Other times, like today, I'm just wondering why some of the most bizarre things are apparently cemented in my brain. I haven't thought of or seen Beau Geste in years (a whopping two viewings total), yet parts of it just randomly started playing back in my head with ridiculous clarity.

Of course, I haven't seen Smilin' Through in probably longer than that, but at least with that one I have the excuse that I watched it a hundred times.

All that being said, it's driving me crazy that I can't remember one very vital thing about the plot of Beau Geste. DID BEAU COME HOME? If not, what happened to him?

I need to find something productive to do besides query the strange mechanism called My Brain.
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Dear Mirror with Glass Doors in my room,

Thank you for having the courtesy to let me know Just How Fat I Really Am right now. I only ask that you try to break these things to me more gently in future. It's kind of a shock, because looking DOWN I don't think I look that big. From the side I look like a bloated, slightly wobbly mass.

Again, thanks for the revelation, and the unspoken reminder that it only gets bigger from here.

Iffy kind of love,


We watched "Fireproof" this evening after hiking at McDowell Creek Park. The acting was, as Andrew promised, pretty bad. It had some good points, but at the same time I wasn't completely sold on the whole thing. I think it could have been better, but at the very least it did promote good values, the need for Jesus to be central, and - I am sure - will help a lot of people to rethink the way they look at their marriages. If nothing else? The salt and pepper wedding cake topper was THE BEST.

Spot did quite well walking today and we got him a tin of salmon as a reward. We aren't, obviously, giving him the whole thing. We had some ourselves and some left over, so he can have another treat of it tomorrow. I've never had tinned salmon before. It was interesting. Not disgusting, but definitely far short of freshly cooked salmon. Makes me wonder if I'd think less of tinned tuna if I tried fresh. Better not tamper with a good thing.

We also bought him his first bag of Grown Up Cat food, so we can start making the transition - he'll be a year old in a few weeks here, so it's about the right time. And some thank-you cards from the Dollar Tree.

Time for bed.
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I did something unimaginably Not Me last night. Something I *should* probably sweep under the rug and not even admit to, but eventually it is bound to rear up and haunt me, so here it is:

I watched a Lord of the Rings movie.

I was feeling so tired and grumpy last night and Dan suggested we watch a movie, and I said as long as it was something happy (translation: not Nemesis, not Finding Neverland, and not Tale of Two Cities) I would be glad to. So we flipped through the movie book and he suggested Fellowship of the Ring, so we stuck it in with the idea that if I didn't like it we could turn it off.

It was not *all* bad. In fact, the intricacy of the sets and the beautiful scenery and costumes were very impressive. The story itself was engaging enough in its way - I enjoy Adventures With Caves and Falling Rocks and Impending Waterfalls and stuff like that. Don't judge.

But to be honest, nowhere or at any time did I get any inkling of a Christian parallel. The lines are far too blurred. You have an evil lord who makes a ring, evil incarnate - okay, fine; but you have a "good guy" who's a wizard, which according to God is an abomination, so he's not really a "good guy" in the strictest sense of the word, no matter how NICE he may be. There was far too much spiritism involved, and I maintain that God can't be pleased to have a movie built on a spiritist foundation be called a great Christian allegory.

Because it really wasn't.

I can understand the appeal the movie may have and I think that's a lot of its danger. It is easy to get swept up in an adventure of epic and fantastic proportions. I know this well from personal experience. But the enjoyment factor doesn't make it a good or appropriate movie. I really believe good needs to be good and bad needs to be bad in the mind of the Christian, and if the movies we are watching don't reflect that, we need to be careful.

And, people, please know I'm not judging anyone who's a fan - you have the right to choose whatever watching material you desire. This is just my take on it, and I won't love you any less for not seeing it the same way I do.
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Well, I went to the library again today, returned Psmith, and came home with four more books. A friendly librarian urged me to use the self-checkout, which was a fascinating experiment that almost didn't work. I like the middle-aged librarians much better than the younger, blond one who is almost always there and (I'm gathering) is in charge because I have often seen the others defer to her. I can't quite lay my finger on what it is, but I think she would start grating on my nerves very quickly if I had to work with her.

The lady who helped me today was very chatty and started talking about one of the authors I had selected and recommending other of his titles left and right. That was certainly not expected and I liked it. It reminded me of Sherri, the librarian in Pinehurst when I was little, who was always so chipper and would go to great lengths to find books for my avidly book-devouring family.

I'm really tired right now. It's starting to warm up. Glad I went to the library when I did, because it's too hot to go out now. Besides the fact that my internal water balloon causes me aches and pains when I get up and move around.

So I've been sitting, reading, and periodically watching some infant extremity protrude fleetingly through my skin like a Space Special ragtime alien about to emerge.

*hour later.... I got waaaaaay too sidetracked watching Mel Brooks clips on YouTube.......*
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Well, "A Tale of Two Cities" has been begun. I'm in the courtroom scene now, so Ronnie has made his entrance and I am happy.

Have it paused for the moment, however, while I prepare lunch: veggie patties. I'll take a picture and put it up there later.

They smell pretty eggy. I was NOT going to sit and try to measure two tablespoons of beaten egg (or six, since I tripled the recipe), so I just used 3 eggs. Oh well. Baby needs the protein.
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Spot is a ball of energy this morning. He's out front now writhing around on the pavement and making squeaking noises. I'm almost done cleaning up the kitchen and then I'll have to make lunch and get the rest of the raspberries in the freezer. 15 quart bags so far (the fifteenth not quite full). Yummy.

It's Bastille Day. I feel like I should be watching "A Tale of Two Cities", but I'm not sure I could handle the emotional overload. Hmm. On the other hand, it would give me something to do to motivate me to do kitchen work while watching the movie play. (I've got iRene down here in the dining room because we are iBook-less until Donna comes home.)

Yeah... maybe. I'll think it over.
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Just when I think it can't get any worse, it gets worse.

I woke up at like 3.30am with my throat so sore I could barely swallow, so I warmed up a glass of cranberry juice with a Walborn tablet in and that was really helpful. I was able to go back to bed and rest (though I didn't really sleep much after that).

Now, though, it's bad again.

I feel like my computer has become EMERAC. I keep typing actual questions into the Google box. I have Desk Set on the brain lately and I don't own it and that makes me sad. I may have to buy myself a copy. But I don't want to pay shipping and Ginny always mocks me if I buy something else just to get the free shipping. *sigh*

Guess I better go find something I can eat. Taking my vitamin is going to be a joy this morning. Blah.
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So last night we watched Disney's "Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe". It was good and I really enjoyed it despite the fact that they had to add highly dramatic sequences to Spice Things Up (like the part with the snarling wolves chasing the children across cakes of ice floating downstream). Jacob got a kick out of the "horsey" whose name was Phillip and the centaur who seemed to have an endless supply of swords at his disposal.

It's amazing how much younger all the children looked - three years makes a huge difference. Lucy looked like such a baby!

Also, what was with the Witch's dresses? I mean, seriously. What was the brilliant concept at work that I'm totally missing?
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Well, the dude and his friend who were to come at some point today have yet to show. He called me last week to say he needed to get measurements for his best man so they could know what size they needed to order. First of all, I think that's just bizarre, because anywhere you rent a suit, I would THINK the proprietors would take care of the sizing for you. Second of all, he lives in Bend and I'm clueless why his friend, who apparently lives here, can't just come on his own?

I'm kind of hoping he doesn't show up, because it's really a pointless job for me. Still, it's annoying to have to hang around waiting for him to appear.

We did a double feature. We did a slightly strange double feature. We rented "Prince Caspian" (the Disney one from last year) and then watched the BBC version of "Prince Caspian".

I'm fascinated by the contrast. While I felt the BBC was generally more faithful to the book inasmuch as I can remember, it was insanely short. Still, I think it takes talent to condense into about half an hour what Disney told in grand, lush glory in two and a half hours.

Disney's, naturally, was chock-full of special effects and Lord-of-the-Ringsian-ness. I was like, what's with making Caspian look like a copy of Elijah Wood? CASPIAN WAS BLOND. Thank you. And very young. Still, I was surprised that it actually was quite good with Christian themes intact. The story was pretty close to the book, but it was massively rearranged to suit the flow they needed for all the additional battle scenes they decided to throw in. Aslan was pretty good. I could tell he was animated, but he was certainly no worse than BBC's stuffed one. Liam Neeson was a good choice for his voice, that's for sure.

Biggest complaint? The retardedness of Susan/Caspian having the gazing fests, and also the song that played at the end, which seemed to belittle the reality of what just happened.

The scene where they called up the White Witch... I actually found the Disney one less bothersome on that scale, weirdly enough. Perhaps because it really brought home the point that sin is seductive and alluring. BBC rushed through the scene and repeatedly used the term "calling up". Okay, so that's what they did in both versions, but less emphasis on the spiritist-calling-up aspect is good by me, thanks.

Between the two, I'm not sure which I'd choose. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the BBC version appealed to me, but there were certain things about the Disney one that were excellent as well.

I know they're planning to release Dawn Treader either this year or next. We're curious whether they plan to do the entire series. Does anyone know? BBC stopped at "The Silver Chair". I'm thinking that if they plan to do all of them, they should really do "The Last Battle" and "The Horse and His Boy" soon before the kids all get too old for the parts.
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So we watched half or so of "The Silver Chair" last night - it's rather long. We got to the place where they just went underground. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I like that there is so little emphasis on special effects and more put into just conveying the story and thereby retaining the spiritual lessons. I like that the children look like ordinary children, complete with bedhead at times. And I thoroughly enjoy the obvious flying on wires and mice and owls being people in costume. It adds to the experience, somehow - forcing you to put your imagination to work rather than having all of it done for you.

I pointed out to Dan that if even Trumpkin misheard "Eustace" as "Useless"........

All the same, I can't wait to finish it.

But, moving on, I'm going to make a double batch of Dutch Apple Cake today - one for us, and one for potluck. So those of you who voted Dutch Apple Cake last week can feel satisfied. I did all the cleaning yesterday so for the first time in a while I really have not much that I *have* to accomplish.

Perhaps I'll take the opportunity to read "That Hideous Strength". And speaking of books:

Book 25 - The Tough Winter, Robert Lawson. 128pp

Another book about the same animals as in "Rabbit Hill". I was lucky I guess that I happened to pull them out of my bag in order, because I didn't bother to see what choices I had and didn't know they were related when I pulled them off the shelf.

I liked the first one better - Uncle Analdas was more highly irritating in this one. However, there was a nice theme of friendship between Willie and Georgie that I found really sweet, rather Pooh and Piglet-like. The pictures were even more beautiful than before.
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I did Go to the Library and Get My Card, Take Two this morning. It went beautifully. Of course, once I got into the library I kinda got sucked into a black hole. I found the Chris Van Allsburg books in the children's area and of course had to revisit those. They didn't have "The Stranger", but they did have the Harris Burdick one. Seriously one of the best books ever.

Got a book on knitting at the library and went to Hidden Treasures to see if they had a pair of knitting needles. They had. Went and got some money from the bank to get them. $2. At least I'm reusing someone else's needles rather than going to Wal-Mart for new ones. Right? ;-)

"What Would Jesus Buy" is really making me think a lot about just how commercial we are - even me, who doesn't have TV to give me a lot of commercial exposure. Dan is pretty good about just not buying things. He likes to buy local produce and avoid Asian-manufactured products as much as possible. Obviously, you can't totally cut that out of your life because there's so little made here anymore. But the less we support it, the better off the country will be. Reverend Billy is extreme and perhaps a bit crazy, but he wasn't afraid to make himself heard, anyway. I need to finish watching it today.

So I came home and got the laundry going while I made six more jars of applesauce. The goal is 30 jars of applesauce. Not sure how many we have so far but probably about half that. Not sure what on earth we're going to do with the rest of the apples. Maybe juice? I'd enjoy that.

I need to make the bed and get going on a few more doll dresses today. So much to do.
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When you see this, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from "The Princess Bride." Preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

My favourite quotes are the kind I can use in daily life. Two I use on a regular basis:

Mrs Miracle Max: I'm not a witch, I'm your wife.

Fezzik: You've been mostly dead all day.

And, I'll throw in my husband's favourite line. Like he has just one. Like he has fifty.

Wesley: There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.
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So I ended up just staying home yesterday and going back to sleep because I was so ridiculously dizzy every time I moved. Sleep helped. By evening I felt better and we went to Harriet's to see some fireworks show. We were anticipating something rather amateur and went away duly impressed. It rivalled any professional show I ever saw... lasted about half an hour and the finale lasted 20 minutes of that. Veddy worth the long drive out.

Then we came home and watched "We're No Angels" which was happy making and went to bed after midnight.

32 hours until Weird Al.
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Oh. My.

So I woke up this morning and felt totally recovered.

Until I got out of bed.

I think el fever is gone, but I am most light of head and dizzy every time I get up. We watched "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". It was good. Now I am trying to get up the strength to walk to the bathroom.

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This morning was Girl of the Golden West, and Dan didn't click with that one too well. Said the beginning was too confusing and he couldn't understand what was going on. I can't say I blame him, although I much enjoy it myself. After lunch we went walking in downtown Cambridge Springs. It was really bright outside, so we went into several shops to be out of the sun. It was fun to look around, and I found a set of the Risë Stevens love songs record at the junk shop. Yay. It's a little mildewy, but I hope that can be remedied.

We came back and took a nap, which left me really dazed when we did get up. We dressed in our tuxedo shirts because Ron and Barbara were doing a concert that night after dinner. It ended right at sundown, so we stole away. Robert had called Dan though about his server and that crisis had to be remedied. Then we went upstairs and I had my bath and we enjoyed each other's company until we decided to go to bed.

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