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I got the idea from [livejournal.com profile] eattheolives.

I spend, per year:
11.92 days at church
2.17 days in the shower
121.33 days asleep
30.33 days eating
6.5 days at Friday Bible study

{Day=24 hours.}
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Today I just realised something that kind of goes hand in hand with yesterday's post about Cambridge Springs: I got the NEAS Journal today and suddenly realise how little I care any more.

It's not that I don't like Nelson anymore; that's not the issue at hand. It's the fact that the journal seems to have become a place for obituaries... plus a good third of this latest issue was just excerpts from letters to Diane that have little or nothing to do with Nelson.

There's not much left to be said that hasn't already been said. If anything.

I guess my priorities are changed. I don't really care to spend money on going to Cambridge Springs now, even if I had it and could go. I'd rather spend the money in a way that is of direct benefit to someone.

I don't think I'm going to continue getting the journal any more after this year is up, either. I would rather send the $25 to someone who needs it for, say, food or clothes. It's nice to help young baritones, but there is a sense of urgency in my heart that time is running out and not to spend very much on fun and indulgences anymore. Investing in the kingdom of God and my own family seems so much more important.

I thank God for all the joy Nelson has brought to me and for the lifepath on which I believe God used Nelson to get me travelling. But the obsession is done and I don't need my Old Dead People to feel fulfilled any more. I have so much to live for NOW, people who need me NOW.

The Old Dead People are in their proper place: to be enjoyed like spice, but not to be my lifework/obsession. Such a lifework won't last, but what I do for my family and for others in the name of Jesus will.
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I'm really amazed at how much things have changed in the last 5 years. Transferring old LJ posts to Wordpress always makes me feel this way, but it's been really strong with this latest batch.

Movie-obsessed, constantly stressed, completely irresponsible with money, beginning to be a little less puerile but still very much the wide-eyed innocent... that's about it in a nutshell.

I feel like LJ is still very much a haven for me when I need to sort out thoughts bouncing in my head, but there are a lot of things that have changed. Posting is briefer, less frequent, and often scatterbrained because I am constantly interrupted.

Also, Ginny just told me Cambridge Springs will likely be cancelled this year. It's kind of weird to think something that used to be such an important part of my life, like CS, just suddenly Isn't. And I really am not that upset about it... lol. Just... surprised, I guess. It was kinda like once I'd been there with Dan it didn't matter if I ever went again.

Life changes... drastically. I think I'm a better person than I was 5 years ago. I hope others think so too.
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I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] rose_marie1936!

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

1. I am not a tidy person in the same way my mom is, but I have an obsession with Order in certain areas. For instance, I operate in my kitchen on the assumption that nobody has tampered with the order of my silverware drawer and spice rack/basket. I get agitated if I reach where the steak spice should be and discover that some unsuspecting individual switched it out with cumin, or put all the knives where the dinner forks go. I do not like having to LOOK at what I am doing. This same principle applies to a set of books my mom got me that are still at her house and Not Arranged In Order of Arrival. And yes, I do still remember that 20 years later.

2. While I am avidly interested in vegan cooking and will hunt for vegan versions of anything new I want to try, I am not actually vegan.

3. If I am alone too long I become restless and antsy and pretty much useless because I get progressively crazier the longer I am alone. This makes me thankful for a husband who works at home.

4. I like going to sleep at night when it is raining outside.

5. I love baths over showers.

6. I am always thinking about taking music lessons, but can't decide on an instrument.

7. I love red, especially darker reds.

My list of friends is still rather small (silly shyness!) So, I tag: [info]butterbobbin
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Well, so far the only thing I've completed is the gingerbread. For the first time in my life I understand the need for a Floured BOARD. It saves the counter beautifully when one has needs to cut out her cookies from brown paper patterns with knives due to lack of Proper Cookie Cutters.

I finally got the laundry in the dryer. Doing this I discovered that my old trick of Not Checking Pockets is still in full vigour. There is, thanks to my jacket, a passel of bobby pins and hair bands in there along with one penny and my Hollywood card. I also forgot to remove my pins from my collar. They seem to have survived, however. :-/ At least... at least there was no napkin/paper towel/other such thing in either pocket.

The barbari is proofing on the kitchen counter. I used some (shock!horror) all-purpose flour in. It was less than half. But still. I maintain that bread turns out so much better with at least a little all-purpose flour in. The dough rose beautifully. I am anticipating good results. I've made this recipe before, which helps. I just wish I had a pastry brush. I was positive that we had found one but Dan says no we didn't. So.

I still have to do a bit of cleaning and pack stuff. Hmm.

Dan brought Molly downstairs this morning and he had put her in her cherry dress. It's precious. I hadn't even thought to try it on her yet... but it fits nicely and should fit for a little longer. Couple weeks at least. :-P She was hungry and took her sweet old time about eating, so I decided if she would be poky I could read to her and at least *I* would be entertained. So we read Old Bear, Danny and the Dinosaur, Goodnight Moon, and a couple chapters of The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow. I think she probably was completely oblivious and/or unimpressed at this point, but oh well. :-)
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The outside is golden right now.

All I can think about is how fried my brain feels, how nice a quiche would taste, how much work it would be to make a quiche, how lazy I am, what a bad vegan I make, that I need to make something good and filling for my dinner because I'm starving, how uncomfortable it is to have a heavy water balloon pushing outward and ever outward.

My skin is very taut and starting to look slightly shiny from being stretched like hide over a drum. I'm scared to know what it's going to look like in attempts to return to whatever normal will be afterwards. At least nobody ever sees it but me and Mr Baldwin, and there isn't a stretch mark to speak of. Things could be worse.

Spot has been happily lounging out-of-doors for several hours now. It is nice when he's just content and doesn't mew constantly while out there... or run in circles around the pillar until his entire length of leash has been obliterated.

The fascinating thing? I'm not at all wanting anything sweet. I want healthy food. I ate some chocolate chips a little bit ago and just... didn't really care.

Well, if I'm to eat, it's going to be Me who has to do something about it. I don't feel like it, but there it is. And I think fried brains are not culinarily creative brains.
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This is my "Don't mess with the heartburn lady" face:

Srsly. It needs to GO AWAY.


This is my "I'm so bored I can't think of anything to do but yawn" face:


And this is my "Jael needs to go to bed/get her hips massaged/has big hair/is in general miserable" face:

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...I'm not much with this romantic stuff, but I think you're simply ripping. "

"I'm dripping, Willie."

I have no idea why this dialogue is running through my head. I have issues.


I saw a stick stuck upright in the river while walking this morning and my first thought was of Beau Geste and I had a Sudden Great Urge to see it. But I don't have it. Sad.

And I'm not sure why a stick stuck upright in the river made me think of Beau Geste, but it did, so there.

I wonder if it's normal to have certain parts of movies or certain events so vividly clear in my mind that I can play them back. Sometimes I find it disturbing.

Other times, like today, I'm just wondering why some of the most bizarre things are apparently cemented in my brain. I haven't thought of or seen Beau Geste in years (a whopping two viewings total), yet parts of it just randomly started playing back in my head with ridiculous clarity.

Of course, I haven't seen Smilin' Through in probably longer than that, but at least with that one I have the excuse that I watched it a hundred times.

All that being said, it's driving me crazy that I can't remember one very vital thing about the plot of Beau Geste. DID BEAU COME HOME? If not, what happened to him?

I need to find something productive to do besides query the strange mechanism called My Brain.


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