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Well, the dude and his friend who were to come at some point today have yet to show. He called me last week to say he needed to get measurements for his best man so they could know what size they needed to order. First of all, I think that's just bizarre, because anywhere you rent a suit, I would THINK the proprietors would take care of the sizing for you. Second of all, he lives in Bend and I'm clueless why his friend, who apparently lives here, can't just come on his own?

I'm kind of hoping he doesn't show up, because it's really a pointless job for me. Still, it's annoying to have to hang around waiting for him to appear.

We did a double feature. We did a slightly strange double feature. We rented "Prince Caspian" (the Disney one from last year) and then watched the BBC version of "Prince Caspian".

I'm fascinated by the contrast. While I felt the BBC was generally more faithful to the book inasmuch as I can remember, it was insanely short. Still, I think it takes talent to condense into about half an hour what Disney told in grand, lush glory in two and a half hours.

Disney's, naturally, was chock-full of special effects and Lord-of-the-Ringsian-ness. I was like, what's with making Caspian look like a copy of Elijah Wood? CASPIAN WAS BLOND. Thank you. And very young. Still, I was surprised that it actually was quite good with Christian themes intact. The story was pretty close to the book, but it was massively rearranged to suit the flow they needed for all the additional battle scenes they decided to throw in. Aslan was pretty good. I could tell he was animated, but he was certainly no worse than BBC's stuffed one. Liam Neeson was a good choice for his voice, that's for sure.

Biggest complaint? The retardedness of Susan/Caspian having the gazing fests, and also the song that played at the end, which seemed to belittle the reality of what just happened.

The scene where they called up the White Witch... I actually found the Disney one less bothersome on that scale, weirdly enough. Perhaps because it really brought home the point that sin is seductive and alluring. BBC rushed through the scene and repeatedly used the term "calling up". Okay, so that's what they did in both versions, but less emphasis on the spiritist-calling-up aspect is good by me, thanks.

Between the two, I'm not sure which I'd choose. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the BBC version appealed to me, but there were certain things about the Disney one that were excellent as well.

I know they're planning to release Dawn Treader either this year or next. We're curious whether they plan to do the entire series. Does anyone know? BBC stopped at "The Silver Chair". I'm thinking that if they plan to do all of them, they should really do "The Last Battle" and "The Horse and His Boy" soon before the kids all get too old for the parts.
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I just checked the mail. There was a letter to jorèle.

The Oregon Health Department informed me that as of the FIRST of January, the new smoke-free law went into effect for all places of business.

Like, I smoke like a chimney and this really affects me.

But it seems like if the law went into effect nine days ago, I should have gotten this letter, say, eighteen days ago.

I'm just saying.

I did, however, get a pretty no-smoking sticker for my window out of the deal. I think I'll put it up here in the office so as to remind myself not to smoke in my place of business.
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Well, the Inevitable Toothbrush Incident has occurred.

My toothbrush is light blue. Dan's toothbrush is mint green. And, I might add, the bristles are splayed out while mine remain daintily erect.

I pick up my toothbrush to brush after Dan gets done and behold my toothbrush is wet and his is dry.

In other news, (fluff)Book, now offering a "trick or treat" type hunt, seems bound and determined to eat the rest of my life away, so I heroically stopped at 10 treats and a corner spiderweb and am thinking about a variety of things I could be doing like cleaning more stuff out of the way or going to bed.

Cleaning more stuff out of the way seems more logical. No word still from Warren when he'll be arriving. However, I have made an executive decision that he will have the couch. There's just no way we can all live in peace and contentment if he, being a person who likes to sleep until ten, is in the office where Dan likes to start working by nine, and where I kind of like to have constant access myself.

Today's bread:

I wanted to try challah, but since it requires many eggs and I have no eggs, I opted for pseudo-challah that actually is nothing like it except for the fact that it is braided. Mine is rye. It tastes fairly decent. We are thinking the caraway is a tad old, however, and maybe fresh caraway would be a good investment.

We were going to go to Bi-Mart for a new ironing board cover tonight, but Dan's installation of DC Mentors' new shopping cart has taken a good five hours longer than he originally anticipated.

I have a potential customer as well. My great-aunt tells me she's been wanting a black dress for her concert performances. She was nice and specific about what she wanted (princess seams, sweetheart neckline, long skirt and sleeves), I found a pattern that's about perfect, and so now she says she'll think it over and let me know when and if she decides to go for it. I think if she does decide to do it, I'll do her muslin test for nothing.


Let's see if I can manage to clear a few things away.
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Well, five people have me favourited on Etsy now. Sweetness.

By the way, jorele.com is now up and running. Go check it out.
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1. My sewing website needs to be finished.

2. I can't seem to wrap my head around the way it's all supposed to work.

3. Mr B is busy and can't help me.

4. I have a blister on my left heel.

5. I'm tired.

6. I need sleep so tomorrow I can accomplish things.
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Woooooow... so I just called the supply place I bought my snaps and such from. It shipped the 29th of August and may take up to two weeks to arrive. Um. What I ordered could probably easily have fit in a flat-rate priority box. Some people... srsly.

So it may not arrive until the 15th. Joy. I had hoped it would be here in the next few days so I could get some photos taken of these outfits.

In other news, my newest addition to the icon library is very shiny and happy making.

Not sure what to do with myself today. I guess I can sew for a bit. I'm about out of boxes until this afternoon - going to call Papa Murphy's to save us some.
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I'm headachy.

I did make a dress today. It is very cute. I am going to wait until my snaps come to finish it - I'm sick of buttonholes that don't wanna do what a buttonhole should do.

Dan and I watched "Captain January" last night. We've had the discussion about the school dress for Star that cost $22.50. Why? This was the Depression. This was a small fishing town. Who would pay $22.50 for a dress??! I'm totally confused.

My latest eBay purchases:

I'm really happy because I think it will be so fun to do some boy stuff as well. I did cut out a little suit from the one pattern I do have. These patterns are pretty timeless, I think, and some different sizes, so that's nice.

Worked some more on my website design today. Dan was helping me and then deserted me to go do some other Real Work, so I started doing some code but trying to do it totally from scratch ain't easy for me, so I'll have to wait until he's available again.


Nap I need.
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] paularidgeway introduced me to Bento today. It's exactly what I needed as a database for my patterns. I wanted something where I could type in search terms and come up with lists of just what I was looking for to show a client, for example.

I'll have to get him to give me $50 so I can buy it.
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There it is, folks. My very first Etsy listing.


Does your child look like a dog? If so, I have the dress for you! )

OK. Time to clean up from that and move on to... MONTHS QUILTS. Oh joy.


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