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  • 04:34:53: it's 4 in the morning baby I can't sleep, I can't seem to get you out of my mind. You keep tossing and turning Yearning for the sun to shine
  • 06:26:22: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah go away morning i wasn't ready to meet you
  • 07:25:55: just spilled milk all over the floor. Joy.
  • 08:14:09: is watching Spot eat the cardboard innards out of his brand new mouse she just gave him yesterday. It's kind of gross.
  • 10:06:08: just cleaned two heaters and vacuumed the bedroom, bathroom and hall. Now for the office floor. IIiiiw
  • 13:55:50: has a Very Naughty Kitty.
  • 14:04:37: instead of cuddling at a convenient time, Spot has decided to curl up on the afghan in progress and take a nap.
  • 14:05:35: And when I touch him he bites me. Thanks, Spot, I love you too.
  • 16:21:33: seriously wonders about some people's brains sometimes.
  • 16:31:19: is listening to Spot snore and getting ready to make vegan cheese sauce. She can't knit, but she thinks she can cook, anyway.
  • 18:10:31: *twitches as GooGoo drums around*
  • 18:18:13: is laughing so hard at today's cake wrecks (yes, again) that her organs hurt.
  • 19:31:38: Tonight's dinner=basically inedible. Time for a bath.
  • 20:56:25: is glad her child is alive and kicking, but hopes that he will stop stabbing her with fingernails or sabres or whatever it is he's using.

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I am, as of today, convinced that the book drop slots provided by the library are actually NOT for books, but are actually self-amputation encouragement devices.

Yes, I hurt my middle finger... again.


However, I did bring home three more Bill Bryson books, found a WWII ration book in a box of songbooks from Dan's grandma, and am the happy Keeper of the Army Uniform belonging to Dan's grandpa.

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Spot deserted me a while ago. I cannot seem to get warm. I've been sort of lost in space all day. Blah.

I should go up and straighten the bed a bit so we can actually use it tonight.

Oh, and the left-hand middle finger of doom that has had a sewing machine needle run through it, a kitchen utensil gouge it, and innumerable other atrocities? Today it got pinched trying to open the kitchen window. It now has a bruise under the nail and it hurts. I would take a picture and show you, but it would be considered very rude if I did.

Bed. I can amuse myself with Finola and Morgan until Dan is done working.
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I was putting away laundry and I managed to whack the side of my head into a door.
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One of these days I will run my knee into something one time too many.

One of these days the knee is going to say, "That's it, I've had it," and leave me.

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Today already I have managed twice to nearly twist my ankle.

The first time I tripped over something I'm thinking wasn't even there.

The second time I KNOW there was nothing there.

So yeah.

Also, you can't page through a Newsweek anymore without there being an article about homosexual issues - intolerance, killings, marriage, acceptance, you name it, it's there.

My husband reminded me that in the last days our world will become as Sodom. And worse.

I would say I can see that happening.
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Today, I managed to hurt my fingers very badly by *drumroll* picking up a tin of evaporated milk.

This was well over an hour ago and my fingers still hurt a little.

In happier news, we finally got the husband's dumpster mattress disposed of... leaving us $17 poorer... and came home and I had a cheeseburger.
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So yesterday I managed to slip down several stairs going down to the car, resulting in a heavily scraped up foot.

I also managed to let my toes get in the way of at least ten other objects over the course of the day.

Photo of yesterday has therefore been delayed. Expect it today.


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