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  • 08:00:42: is peckish. What she craves will take about half an hour to make. Is it worth it?
  • 08:44:09: is waiting for her muffins to finish baking and failing to mind meld with GooGoo to discuss this issue of Not Being Here Yet.
  • 10:02:34: managed to put concord grapes in her muffins instead of blueberries. Nice going there, self. At least they still tasted good. Just seedy.
  • 12:15:00: is going to make soup for lunch. Lots of yummy bits of leftovers in the fridge to put in it.
  • 13:07:24: is making dumplings with her soup. She has never done this before. Should be fascinating.
  • 13:19:41: is having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...
  • 14:32:13: is distoibed that she remembers nothing of this pre-nuptial video Dan has on his camera. Nothing at all.
  • 18:43:17: is way too full of baby. Why don't you come out already, GooGoo? Also, bumper pad left Spokane this morning. Yay.
  • 19:05:41: is making cornbread for dinner... like a fox.
  • 20:01:33: is reading The Magician's Nephew amongst the pillows and comforts of her bed.
  • 20:02:12: Then she sneezed and that hurt.
  • 21:56:29: sitting in my Nice Warm Comfortable Bed with Spot sort of nearby and great longings for sleep. In a few minutes I shall succumb.
  • 22:00:49: ohai wake me up wen teh contraxtions start k?

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We both just went out for a walk dressed as Giant Puffball People of Doom in our down coats.

Halfway on the walk, I got ridiculously hot and unzipped my coat and then finally took it off and carried it.

Dan insisted he was freezing. It's not. It's like 51 out. So I alternated holding his cold hands trying to maintain a reasonable body temperature.

Now I'm sitting here still breathing heavily from the exertion and trying to cool down. I think I need a fan or something.

It was nice to walk, though. Streets were pretty quiet and the sky is so blue and clear today.


Got a small load of pears going in the dryer. Once we started peeling the Bosc ones, Dan decided they were still pretty hard and unripe, so we just did the Bartletts and will wait on the Bosc for another few days or a week.
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Some days, I wish clothes were optional. *sighs miserably at thought of stepping out into 92 degree heat to go to Bible study*

But, I also would not care to be arrested, so... I'm stuck.
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I got several books that I've never read before at the library. All of them from the children's room. I need something refreshing and not too deep for a change... :-p

So hot, though. I think I'll grab some lunch and then take a bath. Sweaters+hot sun do not equal a happy Jael.
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Somebody in Africa wants to repose on me.

Apparently he thinks that will help our business transaction go more smoothly (you know, those poor relatives died AGAIN!)


I apparently make a lot of INFJ friends. I still haven't met another ISFJ.


Dan requested the other night that I put the down blanket back on the bed because it has been so cold. Of course, doing so yesterday brought back warm temperatures. Supposed to be warm again today.

Going to meet Kai at 11-ish and peruse the shops along Main Street.
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My brain is a lump of goo today.
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1. The oven was on to bake bread.
2. The oven is now on baking lunch.
3. The dryer has been going all morning.
4. I have been ironing.

The breeze coming through the window=heavenly.

I turned off the iron. Now I get to go fold warm-out-of-the-dryer laundry. Yay.
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The sun was shining in his strength this morning.

At six-thirty. I was so not ready to wake up yet.

Oh well.

The husband and I just lazed around for a while and then went for a walk. It's hot. It's already pushing 70. Noon has not even arrived yet.

Thing I am thankful for: having two sets of sheets so that I can wash one and not have to wait for it to come out of the dryer before I can make the bed.
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So it's cooled down to 82 now - it was 86 for quite a while today. Too hot for my liking. I'm in my skivvies and The husband has been gradually shedding shirts and unzippable pant legs over the course of the day as well. So not hungry. The husband made lasagna for lunch and I'm trying to not eat much right now anyway. Heat takes my appetite away so that will make it easier. My poor system feels backed up all the way to Pittsburgh.

Lethargy sets in. In the absence of real furry things that say mew, I return to icanhascheezburger.com. Again.


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