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  • 08:24:55: is up after a long and crampy night. Now her back hurts and she has to think of something for breakfast.
  • 10:24:13: is pondering her plan of action for the day. She thinks perhaps the most intimidating project should be tackled first: the Office of Doom.
  • 14:30:11: has a burnt tongue from her yummy split pea-potato soup.
  • 21:16:14: won a game of Monopoly for the first time in like... maybe... ever?
  • 21:54:01: suspects that her child has only one leg.

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  • 09:12:37: trying to keep a naughty kitten out of naughty and writing a couple thank you cards.
  • 11:34:41: just finished making her Baby Baldwin Announcement Recipient List. Only eight will require actual postage. Sweet.
  • 15:30:18: has baby clothes coming out of her EARS. This reminds her of a movie line from a movie she can't quite recall.
  • 15:52:59: NSG; going to crochet and play GooGoo some music while she relaxes on the bed.
  • 17:31:15: is reading about labour management and longing for a box of Annie's classic cheddar mac and cheese. She would eat the entire box.
  • 18:01:47: @jacquelynfisher I'm going to see if I can talk Dan into getting me some. :-p
  • 19:05:03: sitting on the floor with Spot out of reach. Feeling like if she pokes GooGoo too hard he'll just pop out. Lot of squirming baby in there.
  • 21:05:31: is playing Pet Society and guzzling water.
  • 21:26:09: Spot is on my lap. What's the deal?
  • 22:12:03: is slightly ball like
  • 22:53:22: listening to Sot lap his water noisily
  • 22:53:36: Spot, even...

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  • 06:29:16: just levelled up in Pet Society. Yay. It is a good morning so far.
  • 07:07:08: Spot is making me feel guilty but I'm not sure what he WANTS.
  • 07:07:47: After all, I DO feed him and water him.
  • 09:51:14: listening to Fernando with GooGoo and hanging out downstairs so she doesn't forget to put the vinegar in the laundry rinse water.
  • 10:42:47: fuzzy kitten on lap=content Jael. God=good. Happy tears. "Hast thou not seen all thy desires e'er have been granted in what He ordaineth?"
  • 12:04:13: is making a soupy concoction from leftovers and a sample eFoods packet. And a new biscuit recipe that uses yeast and no oil...
  • 15:03:52: sleepy
  • 15:07:08: browsing around ravelry.com
  • 20:47:51: so. so. exhuasted. can't eve n spell right. but my baby hat=adorable
  • 21:15:08: has just around one month to have last-minute Prenatal Panic and scramble everything together

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I have glazed-over sleepy eyes from knitting attempts and Pet Society. I fail at knitting. Blah.

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Look at this. I'm up before 7.30. Been a long time since that happened.

Of course, I also woke up to find [livejournal.com profile] paularidgeway and [livejournal.com profile] jenonthebeach both beat my Bouncing Balls score. Vengeance is mine... eventually. Stupid game won't load now. I think it is a conspiracy.

Today's program? Laundry. Make cherry jam. Go to Bi-Mart for pectin and vinegar. (No, the jam doesn't call for vinegar.)

But first... EAT FOOD. I'm obsessed with my recently-made granola. It's so yummy.
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Brain? Seriously fried.

So fried that I'm playing Bouncing Balls on Facebook.

Book 43: A Child Is Born, Lennart Nilsson. 216pp

This book is chock-full of goofy Swedish stock photography that had me giggling so much that I had coughing fits a couple times: obviously posed couples going through the motions of doing a home pregnancy test and being elated at the results, for instance. The inside-the-womb photography, however, was really stellar and I thoroughly enjoyed those photos.

As for the text, very detailed in regards to explaining what was what in each of the embryonic and fetal photographs. It amazes me that this process is so precise. How does it even happen? Amazing.
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This just entertains me for a variety of reasons.

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From [livejournal.com profile] nuranar:
For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

Day 1: Borrowers. Oh my.

I really, really had this thing going on in my head in my childhood that Peagreen and Arietty would get married. Is that just me? There was something about him I just always liked immensely - steady, older, and smart. Just what Arietty would need to keep even keel. Happy making.


Today I did laundry. I'm starting to feel like [livejournal.com profile] krikketgirl. I decided to wash the down blankets and the mattress pad too because it's been a while, so that made an extra load right there. I also iMic-ed all but one of the little records on our stack from Dan's mom. I need to go down and do the last one... got sidetracked by Pet Society.

Also need to think about dinner.


BOOK EIGHTEEN: The Borrowers Afloat

I always thought it was a tad bizarre that this book basically repeated so much of the end of the second book. All of them repeat information, so that anyone picking up any of the books can easily follow the story - but practically word-for-word reusing a chapter from the last book? Bizarre.

This book always seemed really short to me - perhaps because of the repetition. It is amazing how she made a whole book out of so few events and yet managed to keep it moving and interesting.

BOOK NINETEEN: The Borrowers Aloft

Always the second high point of the series for me following the first book. Obsession with hot-air balloon stories was definitely mine... I've been noticing this read-through I'm not finding the beginnings as annoying as I used to. When I was little I was like, "Hurry up and get back to the Borrowers already," but there's quite a bit of allusion and humour in those openings as well - especially the part about the Platters, which went completely over my head back then. I doubt I even knew what an undertaker was.

About halfway through the last book now. Always felt the last book had a different mood about it... but I'll see if I think that after I've finished it this time.
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Apparently the whole world is on Twitter bogging it down just now, but I WON SCRABBLE.


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