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6. The Pacific Crest Trail, William R Gray. 196pp
Typical National Geographic book: lots of pictures (which I loved), text fairly well-written but still a bit tedious to read all at once. After reading "A Walk in the Woods" I was interested in learning more about our own trail. We passed one of the access points thereto in our recent snow hunt, and both of us thought it would be fun later this year if possible to walk part of the trail.

7. Time of Wonder, Robert McCloskey. 62pp
I've never read this book despite having grown up with "Blueberries for Sal" and "One Morning in Maine" and a plethora of McCloskey's other books. I really enjoyed the different art in this one as well as seeing the familiar (albeit unidentified in the text) family of Mom and Dad and an older Sal and Jane.

8. Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, Randy O Frost and Gail Steketee. 279pp
Cut because I wax wordy )

9. The Full-Plate Diet, Stuart A Seale et al. 143pp.
This book is beautifully, cleanly laid out with eye-popping photography and quite good information about food and practical, accessible ideas of how to incorporate a plant-based diet into daily life.

Considering that it's supposed to be based on the Adventist health message, however, I was a little perturbed at the overall casual "meat and dairy is okay" attitude. They didn't promote the use of meat and dairy but neither did they really talk about good reasons to avoid it except for a very brief blurb at the end of the book. The basic premise is "eat more fibre" (which, in a plant-based diet, you will get a lot of), but it seemed a bit too simplistic. Or maybe I'm just sceptical.

10. Maine, Deborah Kent. 143pp
From the children's section. Not the most interesting book I've ever read. Had nice pictures.

11. Labour of Love, Cara Muhlhahn. 256pp
Ih. This was okay. The first half was really not much to do with midwifery at all. When she finally did get to talking about her work it was more interesting. Her attitude comes off as being really rather arrogant and proud of how wonderful she is, which was annoying, but she did have interesting things to say about her work and the current condition of industrialised maternity care. I thought it was ridiculous that she promoted the use of castor oil, though, and subscribed to the notion that if you have little to no morning sickness you're having a boy. Sure. Neither I nor my one friend had much nausea at all with our girls and Frances was much worse than me with Josiah.

There was a lot that rubbed me the wrong way, I guess.

12. Meet Josefina, Valerie Tripp. 85pp
I've never read the Josefina books and decided it was time. I just love the artwork and enjoyed the story as well. It's not hard to predict what's going to happen, of course, in future books. Hehe.

13. The Good Old Days - They Were Terrible!, Otto L Bettman. 197pp
This was an excellent peek into some of the realities of the Gilded Age: the dirt, the grime, pollution, crime, terrible education systems, blah blah blah. For me it provided a lot of context into why Ellen White was so adamant that the people of God move out of the cities, and why she stressed cleanliness and so forth. Very insightful and written with a humourous style that keeps it from being totally depressing. I also really enjoyed the period illustrations that he used that were caricatures of what the people were dealing with in those days.

14. Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer. 203pp
I've read "Into Thin Air" before, probably 10 or more years ago now, and it impressed me very deeply, so I thought I'd pick up another book by the same author and see how I liked it. Not at all what I was expecting, but interesting. I have a hard time sympathising with the man it's about in many ways. Although I can see a little why he didn't like his dad, I strongly believe nothing is able to be accomplished by hatred/anger in relationships and to just up and disappear seems like a cruel thing to do. It was a sad story for sure.

Year-to-date totals:
Page count for February: 1564
Total page count: 3437
Nonfiction: 11
Juvenile fiction: 2
Juvenile nonfiction: 1
Rereads: 1
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So, I took my violin to the music store to have Gary take a look at my fine-tuners. He was out, so I went to Teen Challenge to kill some time until he came back.

As I was perusing the 49-cent rack outside, a short, very tubby dude with sparse grey beardage and sweaty strings of hair spilling out from his baseball cap came out with a woman in a wheelchair. He saw my violin case and asked what I played and who my teacher was. He was positively bursting with pride as he related to me the story of his life and how he was the youngest rock band member ever at the age of twelve and how he was going to take back the title as champion wrestler this week wrestling against his stepson whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. He was charming in the sense that he clearly lives to tell of his past glory. It was like a charactrr actor in a movie bar. Their names were Ralph and Marla.

When I finally managed to gracefully extricate myself from Ralph's self-absorbed babbling and bowing, I went into Teen Challenge and had a good laugh with the boy behind the counter about Ralph, who apparently had treated him to the same spiel.

I found a copy of a book I loved about Helen Keller as a chidl and then went backtothe music store and Gary got my problem solved. And as I left the store to go home Irwin and Debbie drove by and waved.

Yes, I love small towns.


Project Patterns is progressing pokily, thanks to Molly constantly wanting glue, tape, scissors, and paper scraps. Qhat I am doing is putting my patterns in 9x12 manila envelopes, gluing the front/back of the original pattern envelope on the manila one, and writing company and number at the top. My goal is to have all my patterns a uniform size and therefore be able to store them more effectively (by pattern number). I barely made a dent today. Only did 25.

Got another dryerload of blueberries going; was going to do peaches but most of them were still hardish so I have left them out all day and will hope more are ready tomorrow morning.

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Molly is on the floor. She was happily playing with her toys until I opened my LJ update window. Figures. I love my chubby little pumpkin.

Anyway, it has been a busy but very productive day. I have all my clients' stuff in paper bags now (so much tidier-looking than a pile of plastic grocery bags) and labelled by their names. It's in a neat stack in the corner. The floor was able to be cleared and vacuumed. YES. Of course, that means my computer table is piled high with odds and ends now, but that can be dealt with later. Most of it is probably pitchable.

And, I made two 13x9 pans of Chicken Garbanzo Divan: one for potluck tomorrow and one for us for Sunday or whenever. The kitchen is clean. The living room is mostly clean - Molly's toys are dumped out.

So, I feel accomplished and content, even though I know that in two days nobody will be able to tell it was ever this clean. I'll worry about that in two days.

Bible study is at Andrew and Kai's tonight. Apparently we are having pizza. Sounds yummy. I'm thinking of finding out if Frances and the kids want to come to our place after potluck tomorrow since Dr Paul won't be around to go door-to-door with Dan and maybe he can just go with Jim. We shall see.

Also, today I learned that the vacuum terrifies Molly. And she got some carrots mixed with rice cereal at lunch today because we had some. She seemed uncertain of the texture at first but in the end got probably a tablespoon or so down her.
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Ginny: I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I feel like I'm going to barf.
Jael: Awww. I'm hungry but it's bedtime. *sigh*
Ginny: Awwww Can't you have a little dessert?
Jael: I did already LOL
Ginny: Blahaha What did you have?
Jael: A couple of my no-bake cookies that are so healthy. LOL They are good.
Ginny: What is in them? I want cookies.
Jael: Oats, cocoa, flaxseed, wheat germ, peanut butter
Ginny: Ooooooh
Jael: I added some cocoanut to this last batch
Ginny: Oooooh
Jael: Oh, and milk and vanilla
Jael: And a bit of sugar.
Ginny: Gah. Sounds good. I'd also enjoy some brown sugar thrown in there...
Jael: Cocoanut cocoanutcocoanutcocoanut ... I did use brown sugar.
Ginny: I was sorely tempted the other day to eat a pinch of brown sugar on it's own.
Jael: :-p
Ginny: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jael: They would be nice on french vanilla ice cream.
Ginny: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Today we had fried potatoes for breakfast. I also had scrambled eggs with green onions.

Today we went walking at Chip Morris Park in Corvallis. Molly was a happy camper; Spot was a pill. I think we are not going to take him walking any more. It's impossible to enjoy it (not to mention make any progress) when he refuses to budge. This makes me sad because I love taking him walking with us.

Today we finally went to Trader Joe's. Our verdict: too much 'spensive pre-packaged foodlike substance and not enough food. However, I saw some spring rolls/egg rolls in the frozen food section and that reminded me that I've wanted for years to learn to make those.

Today we went to First Alternative for good tortillas and rice noodles. I heart First Alternative. I love the people you see in there. They're so... Corvallisy. I also found that they had the wrap thingies for spring roll making. So we got some. I'm so excited to try them now.

Today we watched Buster Keaton in "The Saphead" and were both like... this is really dumb. We had pesto with rice noodles and leftover veggies too.
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I'm... I'm not sure I'm even willing for this one to be Seen.

Just... Imagine an uneven stack of cake with yellow slop pouring down the sides, complete with a sprinkle explosion and too-pale-very-stiff-icing-text.

I need a GOOD decorator's frosting recipe. The consistency of the various ones I've tried is just terrible. Help plz?

I mean seriously. It's going to taste good because it's carrot cake and cream cheese frosting and therefore cannot help but be tasty. But it would have been nice to have it at least... somewhat presentable?


Mar. 10th, 2010 01:13 pm
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OK, this was DELICIOUS.

Two things:

I substituted pepper flakes for the cayenne, because I didn't have any.

I left out the mint.
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Well, I took Molly outside with me for a bit. I put her bouncy chair on the sidewalk while I inspected my pots of things out back.

One of them appears to be full of rhododendron seedlings (there is a bush out right near where my pots are). I pulled most of them but left a couple as well as some other mystery seedlings that may or may not be what I actually put in there last fall.

I took all the weeds out of the second one and planted Concord grape seeds from the Carpenters' grapes in. We'll see if they grow. I need to go water them.

And in the pot that had basil in it last year, I planted in a V-shape a bunch of the tiny black seeds from the bush down at the end of Grove. I helped myself to a couple seed pods from it last fall, because the vibrance of the leaves was stunning: a pinky-red. I guess I probably won't know for sure until fall if it's the same plant or not. Except, of course, that it will grow in a V-shape. LOL.

And the catnip and chives pots are now free of their blanket of maple seed propellers. I'm so glad both seem to be just coming back from last year, so I don't have to try to replant. I have never had luck sprouting chives. I <3 chives.


I also experimented with cracking wheat in our mill. I think next time I will make it just a hair tighter (if I want to use it for cereal, anyway). For the purposes of the soup I want to make, though, it did a good enough job.


We went shopping last night, and it helped my mood just to get out of the house. Molly was cheerful while we were out, too, and that was nice. I bought a thing of sage, because I have none and don't even actually know what it's like but things call for it sometimes. And a container of paprika so I have an actual thing to keep it in instead of a bag from WinCo. And more thyme and rosemary.

When we got home I put away food and then got Molly ready for bed and Dan and I read Bible trivia questions to each other while I was feeding her. That was fun.

Molly went to sleep to stay about 9 and only woke once in the night (around 2am) and I just fed her and skipped waking Dan to do her diaper.


I always feel bad for being behind on my Bible/devotional reading, yet the thing I read about Hannah this morning seemed oddly appropriate considering how I felt yesterday, so maybe God knew I would need that right then. To be happy and content in my "trivial" duties is a good thing for me to learn.

Granted, a good night's sleep never hurts, either. But I've been able to keep busy today doing little things around the house that need to be done. Putting out a little effort to just do these things instead of constantly thinking about it is good for me.

And, now that she's sleeping, I better go down and plan lunch and wash up dishes.
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1. I have gotten to October 2005 in my blog transfer. I thought September would never end. Seriously, I was apparently either bored or addicted to memes. Probably both.

2. I am looking forward to revisiting my school days entries.

3. I had cashew cheese sauce macaroni tonight for dinner. And an apple. And more carob peppermint ice cream frozen dessert. Tonight I smothered it in white chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and coloured sprinkles. It looked like a toddler's birthday party.

4. Molly rolled over a couple more times today. I can't believe she is doing that already. Still no laugh though. She is such a sweet baby. She took her morning nap in her big crib. I'm thinking it will be a good plan to start getting her accustomed to it. I don't see sleeping through the night regularly happening for a while still, but she is going to outgrow her bouncy seat and the swing eventually.

I took her walking twice in her stroller today. Beautiful. day.

5. I burned my lip on a hot noodle tonight.

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Feb. 8th, 2010 08:39 pm
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Well, the laugh in Molly's sleep last night? Probably real. When Cindy was here she was making funny noises and Molly was definitely trying to laugh - like a half laugh or low volume giggle. I hope she will let go with bigger ones soon. So cute.

I discovered that, sadly, WinCo chocolate chips do not melt well in the microwave. Thankfully, C had Nestle Morsels with her that got nice and melty. We tried a minty truffle - the balls are currently freezing and can be coated tomorrow. The blob of Fail Chips from WinCo is hanging out in the fridge like a dried-out, petrified, very tasty cow pie.

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So, I tried our electric grater thingie to slice the potatoes with. No luck. It made more mush than slices.

So I had to hand slice them and it was difficult to get them as thin as they ideally should be. However, I did get them pretty thin.

I used hummus instead of tomato sauce, sprinkled the potatoes with rosemary and onion powder, threw on some Organic Bac'uns and some crumbled up faux chicken, and popped it in the oven.

It took a while to bake. I probably had it in there about half an hour and some of the potatoes were still not quite soft. This kind of pizza would lend itself well to a thicker crust so that the bread takes as long to cook as the potatoes.
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I came upstairs at this ridiculous hour to scan photos... only to find that I didn't bring the right cable for the scanner. BLAH. So annoying.

So I answered a couple e-mails instead, which was probably actually more important to do.

Today is Jacob's birthday. I'm really looking forward to seeing his cake, because I'm DYING to know how the decorator is going to pull it off. He wanted this:

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures


We got here around 2 yesterday and Molly wanted to be fed so I fed her. Then I went with my mom to pick up some food stuff and Dan stayed at the house with Molly and Anna and Jacob. We had pizza for dinner and Anna's friends Tiffany and Karisa came over about 6 to visit for a while. Jacob and I decorated the gingerbread cookies. I made a Janeway cookie and a Chakotay cookie. Yes. I am a geek. I probably didn't get the uniforms quite right, but I was pulling from memory due to being too lazy to go look for a reference picture. Also, Chakotay's tattoo=difficultness. But... it's a COOKIE. So. Anyway.

I think I just heard a Molly crying downstairs. I should probably go check on her.
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Well, so far the only thing I've completed is the gingerbread. For the first time in my life I understand the need for a Floured BOARD. It saves the counter beautifully when one has needs to cut out her cookies from brown paper patterns with knives due to lack of Proper Cookie Cutters.

I finally got the laundry in the dryer. Doing this I discovered that my old trick of Not Checking Pockets is still in full vigour. There is, thanks to my jacket, a passel of bobby pins and hair bands in there along with one penny and my Hollywood card. I also forgot to remove my pins from my collar. They seem to have survived, however. :-/ At least... at least there was no napkin/paper towel/other such thing in either pocket.

The barbari is proofing on the kitchen counter. I used some (shock!horror) all-purpose flour in. It was less than half. But still. I maintain that bread turns out so much better with at least a little all-purpose flour in. The dough rose beautifully. I am anticipating good results. I've made this recipe before, which helps. I just wish I had a pastry brush. I was positive that we had found one but Dan says no we didn't. So.

I still have to do a bit of cleaning and pack stuff. Hmm.

Dan brought Molly downstairs this morning and he had put her in her cherry dress. It's precious. I hadn't even thought to try it on her yet... but it fits nicely and should fit for a little longer. Couple weeks at least. :-P She was hungry and took her sweet old time about eating, so I decided if she would be poky I could read to her and at least *I* would be entertained. So we read Old Bear, Danny and the Dinosaur, Goodnight Moon, and a couple chapters of The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow. I think she probably was completely oblivious and/or unimpressed at this point, but oh well. :-)
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Molly is clearly not buying into my "let's be awake in the evening so you're tired at your daddy-determined bedtime" plan. She's snoozing. As she has been doing, really, all day.

Well, she's sort of awake now. Dribbling milk out of her mouth and watching me probably looking really dumb while I'm singing stuff to her. Precious.

My potatoes are smelling delish. There is a ton of food in the fridge that needs to be eaten up by Friday morning or it will go bad. But I did not think of this until after I'd convinced myself that potatoes were what I wanted.
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Molly is a sleepyhead today.

Well, Dan's experiment seemed to be pretty successful last night. Having her bed right beside me gave me no excuse for not putting her back in it, either. She did cry a long time at the outset and after one feeding/diaper change she cried until I fed her a little more and then she settled down.

We'll try it again tonight. I'm hoping she'll be up and awake more this afternoon so she won't be so abubble with energy when bedtime rolls around tonight, so this morning sleepiness is okay by me.

Dan made me a happy water container of joy. Okay, so it's just a quart jar with a straw-hole drilled in the lid, but it makes me happy for a variety of reasons.

1. It will be WAY easier to wash than a water bottle.
2. I only have to drink 3 a day and it will be easier to keep track than trying to think, "Did I drink my 8 and a half such-and-such size glasses today?"

I made gingerbread dough this morning and stuck it in the fridge. I'll bake the cookies at some point tomorrow so they will be fresher to take up to Yakima when we head out Friday.

I also packed up all the clothes I'm going to take with us for her. Seriously... a huge pile. I'm hoping if I overdo it, then she won't need that many. But I also don't want to be caught short by not bringing enough and then she has massive poop explosions every few hours.
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Into the oven I just put:


Made with homemade tortillas, smushed garbanzo beans, and sauteed onion and garlic.

Lots of garlic.

And salsa.

I also nearly cut off my thumb (but thanks to the handy gift of God known as a thumbnail escaped that end).


Molly has rufflebutt pants on. She has been crying most of the day.

Today's battle plan: not encourage her to sleep much. We really need to get her days/nights reversed, because staying up until midnight (when she thinks it's bedtime) is really getting old. We are also going to put her crib beside my side of the bed for a few nights and see if she can get used to it that way and then move it back to the foot of the bed.

There is so much I want to post about and I have no time.
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Let's start the year off right with a chipper Janeway, shall we?

We were very boring people and didn't do anything exciting last night. Dan kept Molly in the office with him while he worked late (he came to bed after midnight) so that I could get some sleep *before* midnight. That was nice. We were both up at midnight, though, because she was due for a feeding at 11.30 (and woke up right at the right time).

And then we both got up around 7. Molly has been a sleepyhead to end all sleepyheads today. This enabled me to go on a walk that was cut short because it wasn't raining when I left the house and started raining when I got three blocks from home. Which caused me to turn about and go home looking like a drowned rat. It was pretty awesome.

And I also finally get all the laundry put away (hers from days ago) and sort and tidy her drawer. I took out some too-small things, added some new things, and it's much nicer now.

And I took Molly for a second walk (this time equipped with an umbrella - and guess what, it rained not, neither did it pour) to RiteAid on a quest for white chocolate for the purposes of making Stevi's yummy wc/cranberry cookies. They had none. No chips. Nothing. Not even wc M&Ms. I found this unacceptable. Oh well. I don't have time to make them today anyway.

My neck=still killing me. Time for lunch now.
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Being up from 11-something to 1-something tending a fussy child: not so lovely.
Having child sleep like a log from 1-something to 5-thirty: lovely.

Waking up with headache: highly uncomfortable.
Prospect of frosted mini-wheats for breakfast: somewhat comforting.

Pile of laundry that NEEDS to be done today: daunting.
Fact that Donna is providing lunch for the clan today: relieving.


Also, I repeat that had "Voyager" been made a few decades earlier, Katharine Hepburn would have been Janeway. We watched the first episode last night, which was nice to get the scoop on how they ended up in the Delta Quadrant and more about who's who. The Hepburn-ness was brought home for me by Janeway's parting message to her boyfriend that involved a dog and general cuteness that I suspect only Hepburn could pull off in my ancient world of reality. So, anyway. Janeway's only real major failing in my mind is that she does not point correctly a la Picard when she says "engage".


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