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This is a second beret, different pattern than the previous one I had done with another red yarn. This yarn is SO soft and luscious and I just fell in love with it. It was a really simple pattern but sat on my table most of the month until I decided to hurry and finish it so I'd have something to show for February. Currently working on a scarf to match of my own creation, so expect to see that in March's post.

I think I'll have plenty of this yarn to work with! Bought two skeins and didn't even use a full one on the beret. Yay dark red yarn.
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Since the project I'm currently on is not going to be finished by the end of January, I'll save it for next month and share what I *have* completed.

Pet Society Poo
Originally this was going to be a Ridiculous Birthday Present to my brother, but then Molly got her slimy nose all over it and after I washed it it didn't look very pristine anymore, so he didn't get it. (Sorry, Jacob.)

Yellow Rose
I didn't get a picture of this one because it got thrown out accidentally. Dan saw it in the trash and didn't know it was something I wanted. *sigh* Moving on. It wasn't that exciting and not something I think I'd do on a regular basis. It would be really cute on a hat, but is useless except as decoration.

Thought it would be nice for Molly to have a scarf that was cute, simple, and girly without being nauseating. I liked this pattern because it was cute as well as practical (the loop holds the scarf together so it won't always be falling off).

And, because everyone needs matching scarf-and-mittens, I made her these thumbless mitts. That she hates. Once she's outside she kinda forgets they're on, which is nice.

Hook Roll
And finally, something very practical: a roll to store all my hooks so that I'm not constantly rooting around in a drawer full of yarn looking for loose hooks and hoping I happen upon the right size.


I promise, I am not planning to only use rainbow yarn for everything I make this year. It's just that I liked it so much at the fabric store many years ago that I bought several skeins, rolled them into a Big Huge Ball, and then months later bought more of a different (paler) dye lot and rolled that into a Smaller Ball. The scarf/mittens are of the brighter, prettier dye lot. The roll is the anaemic dye lot.


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