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Nov. 2nd, 2009 03:44 pm
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Sitting here on the bed with kitty afghan progressing at a snail's pace. Just don't have the energy.

GooGoo's little feet are flailing about merrily. Not comfortable - feels like a sideache. However, I am thankful he is active.

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  • 06:23:59: cannot seem to consume enough water to satisfy
  • 08:32:54: hello, my name is Incredibly Uncomfortable
  • 09:12:59: is too achy to stand and walk around much. So she's going to crochet a while.
  • 10:39:37: wants her baby shower to happen so she has an Excuse to Nest. There's really no point in sorting AGAIN through the stuff she already has.
  • 10:39:46: Yet... this is what she feels like doing.
  • 13:41:03: is undergoing the fascinating process of making enchiladas for the first time in her life. Wish her luck.

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  • 08:02:38: just finished eating six-grain cereal: blueberries, cranberries, walnuts, calcium, iodine, chlorophyll, magnesium, probiotics, and a vitamin
  • 08:50:22: 80 years ago today the stock market crashed in '29. Wow. Also, I don't feel equal to meeting this day. Can I go back to bed?
  • 09:08:02: feels her life is one big battle against the Evil Forces of Downy Fabric Softener and its posse of Scented Laundry-Related Cohorts.
  • 12:12:56: Making lunch and squirming while GooGoo tries to pound his way out by sheer force.
  • 14:16:40: is relaxing on the bed with kitty afghan in hand and occasionally a kick from within.
  • 15:05:33: comatose
  • 16:54:05: has sudden, inexplicable urge to eat tons of oatmeal creme pie type things. (Her homemade kind.) The problem... she would have to make some.
  • 18:31:42: is having a brief tryst with her oatmeal cookies. Omnomnom. Suddenly no longer cares whether they have filling or not.
  • 18:40:45: needs to not get so hysterical over the poop in Pet Society.
  • 23:01:59: is going to bed late yet again. She holds Steve and Laura personally responsible this time.

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  • 06:29:16: just levelled up in Pet Society. Yay. It is a good morning so far.
  • 07:07:08: Spot is making me feel guilty but I'm not sure what he WANTS.
  • 07:07:47: After all, I DO feed him and water him.
  • 09:51:14: listening to Fernando with GooGoo and hanging out downstairs so she doesn't forget to put the vinegar in the laundry rinse water.
  • 10:42:47: fuzzy kitten on lap=content Jael. God=good. Happy tears. "Hast thou not seen all thy desires e'er have been granted in what He ordaineth?"
  • 12:04:13: is making a soupy concoction from leftovers and a sample eFoods packet. And a new biscuit recipe that uses yeast and no oil...
  • 15:03:52: sleepy
  • 15:07:08: browsing around ravelry.com
  • 20:47:51: so. so. exhuasted. can't eve n spell right. but my baby hat=adorable
  • 21:15:08: has just around one month to have last-minute Prenatal Panic and scramble everything together

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  • 04:34:53: it's 4 in the morning baby I can't sleep, I can't seem to get you out of my mind. You keep tossing and turning Yearning for the sun to shine
  • 06:26:22: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah go away morning i wasn't ready to meet you
  • 07:25:55: just spilled milk all over the floor. Joy.
  • 08:14:09: is watching Spot eat the cardboard innards out of his brand new mouse she just gave him yesterday. It's kind of gross.
  • 10:06:08: just cleaned two heaters and vacuumed the bedroom, bathroom and hall. Now for the office floor. IIiiiw
  • 13:55:50: has a Very Naughty Kitty.
  • 14:04:37: instead of cuddling at a convenient time, Spot has decided to curl up on the afghan in progress and take a nap.
  • 14:05:35: And when I touch him he bites me. Thanks, Spot, I love you too.
  • 16:21:33: seriously wonders about some people's brains sometimes.
  • 16:31:19: is listening to Spot snore and getting ready to make vegan cheese sauce. She can't knit, but she thinks she can cook, anyway.
  • 18:10:31: *twitches as GooGoo drums around*
  • 18:18:13: is laughing so hard at today's cake wrecks (yes, again) that her organs hurt.
  • 19:31:38: Tonight's dinner=basically inedible. Time for a bath.
  • 20:56:25: is glad her child is alive and kicking, but hopes that he will stop stabbing her with fingernails or sabres or whatever it is he's using.

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I'm amazed at how much I can accumulate on my work table in a week.


I've found several balls of yarn, two crochet projects, a stack of old diaries, all my art stuff I've been using, my coloured pencils scattered hither and yon, just to name a few of the items thereon. I'm almost done now. I got a file folder for my crochet/knit patterns, so those are safely squirreled away now. Finished the crocheted kitty, except for eyes and a nose because I can't find my tiny buttons. Will look later. I took a picture anyway. He came out all right, but I think I'll not give him away because I could improve it.

Speaking of the kitty, things I would change:

1. Use a softer yarn to begin with, like the all-cotton yarn or even the homespun type or that microfibre stuff. Regular acrylic yarn has no give and kitty feels completely un-cuddly.
2. Enlarge the pattern. He's about 8" high, which is really cute and everything, but I was envisioning something a bit bigger, at least 12".
3. I think even a tinier yarn would help - baby yarn, even. Something you could use a really small hook with, so that the stitches don't seem so huge.
4. I'm also not really happy with the ears - they are not quite pointy enough to please me.

Better luck next time. It's a really cute pattern and I think with those changes it could make a lovely toy.
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We just finished lunch. I spent most of the morning working on the front panel of the skirt of the crocheted dress. Listening obsessively to my Judy Collins radio station on Pandora.

Working on herbal audio. Uber fun. :-X
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It has been deliciously cool here today. Dan had all the doors and windows open until I got actually cold around lunchtime and started shutting them. Still feels really nice. According to Dashboard it is 74 out. I can dig that.

I did a couple hours of herb keywords this morning. I'm on page 4 of 4 in the product editor, so I'm almost done. But only with keywords. The herb projects never end. Blah. I also created a lattice in Illustrator for Dan in oh, five minutes. He had already invested waaaaaaaaaaay too much time trying to make some texture in Fireworks work. Silly boy.

ANYWAY... picture time, picture time!

First of all, an update on the green potted things. )

Second of all, an update on the sweater I started yesterday. )

So... this has been my day. How are you?

And I'm hungry.
Anyway, so has been my day.


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