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6. The Pacific Crest Trail, William R Gray. 196pp
Typical National Geographic book: lots of pictures (which I loved), text fairly well-written but still a bit tedious to read all at once. After reading "A Walk in the Woods" I was interested in learning more about our own trail. We passed one of the access points thereto in our recent snow hunt, and both of us thought it would be fun later this year if possible to walk part of the trail.

7. Time of Wonder, Robert McCloskey. 62pp
I've never read this book despite having grown up with "Blueberries for Sal" and "One Morning in Maine" and a plethora of McCloskey's other books. I really enjoyed the different art in this one as well as seeing the familiar (albeit unidentified in the text) family of Mom and Dad and an older Sal and Jane.

8. Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, Randy O Frost and Gail Steketee. 279pp
Cut because I wax wordy )

9. The Full-Plate Diet, Stuart A Seale et al. 143pp.
This book is beautifully, cleanly laid out with eye-popping photography and quite good information about food and practical, accessible ideas of how to incorporate a plant-based diet into daily life.

Considering that it's supposed to be based on the Adventist health message, however, I was a little perturbed at the overall casual "meat and dairy is okay" attitude. They didn't promote the use of meat and dairy but neither did they really talk about good reasons to avoid it except for a very brief blurb at the end of the book. The basic premise is "eat more fibre" (which, in a plant-based diet, you will get a lot of), but it seemed a bit too simplistic. Or maybe I'm just sceptical.

10. Maine, Deborah Kent. 143pp
From the children's section. Not the most interesting book I've ever read. Had nice pictures.

11. Labour of Love, Cara Muhlhahn. 256pp
Ih. This was okay. The first half was really not much to do with midwifery at all. When she finally did get to talking about her work it was more interesting. Her attitude comes off as being really rather arrogant and proud of how wonderful she is, which was annoying, but she did have interesting things to say about her work and the current condition of industrialised maternity care. I thought it was ridiculous that she promoted the use of castor oil, though, and subscribed to the notion that if you have little to no morning sickness you're having a boy. Sure. Neither I nor my one friend had much nausea at all with our girls and Frances was much worse than me with Josiah.

There was a lot that rubbed me the wrong way, I guess.

12. Meet Josefina, Valerie Tripp. 85pp
I've never read the Josefina books and decided it was time. I just love the artwork and enjoyed the story as well. It's not hard to predict what's going to happen, of course, in future books. Hehe.

13. The Good Old Days - They Were Terrible!, Otto L Bettman. 197pp
This was an excellent peek into some of the realities of the Gilded Age: the dirt, the grime, pollution, crime, terrible education systems, blah blah blah. For me it provided a lot of context into why Ellen White was so adamant that the people of God move out of the cities, and why she stressed cleanliness and so forth. Very insightful and written with a humourous style that keeps it from being totally depressing. I also really enjoyed the period illustrations that he used that were caricatures of what the people were dealing with in those days.

14. Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer. 203pp
I've read "Into Thin Air" before, probably 10 or more years ago now, and it impressed me very deeply, so I thought I'd pick up another book by the same author and see how I liked it. Not at all what I was expecting, but interesting. I have a hard time sympathising with the man it's about in many ways. Although I can see a little why he didn't like his dad, I strongly believe nothing is able to be accomplished by hatred/anger in relationships and to just up and disappear seems like a cruel thing to do. It was a sad story for sure.

Year-to-date totals:
Page count for February: 1564
Total page count: 3437
Nonfiction: 11
Juvenile fiction: 2
Juvenile nonfiction: 1
Rereads: 1
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So, I took my violin to the music store to have Gary take a look at my fine-tuners. He was out, so I went to Teen Challenge to kill some time until he came back.

As I was perusing the 49-cent rack outside, a short, very tubby dude with sparse grey beardage and sweaty strings of hair spilling out from his baseball cap came out with a woman in a wheelchair. He saw my violin case and asked what I played and who my teacher was. He was positively bursting with pride as he related to me the story of his life and how he was the youngest rock band member ever at the age of twelve and how he was going to take back the title as champion wrestler this week wrestling against his stepson whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. He was charming in the sense that he clearly lives to tell of his past glory. It was like a charactrr actor in a movie bar. Their names were Ralph and Marla.

When I finally managed to gracefully extricate myself from Ralph's self-absorbed babbling and bowing, I went into Teen Challenge and had a good laugh with the boy behind the counter about Ralph, who apparently had treated him to the same spiel.

I found a copy of a book I loved about Helen Keller as a chidl and then went backtothe music store and Gary got my problem solved. And as I left the store to go home Irwin and Debbie drove by and waved.

Yes, I love small towns.


Project Patterns is progressing pokily, thanks to Molly constantly wanting glue, tape, scissors, and paper scraps. Qhat I am doing is putting my patterns in 9x12 manila envelopes, gluing the front/back of the original pattern envelope on the manila one, and writing company and number at the top. My goal is to have all my patterns a uniform size and therefore be able to store them more effectively (by pattern number). I barely made a dent today. Only did 25.

Got another dryerload of blueberries going; was going to do peaches but most of them were still hardish so I have left them out all day and will hope more are ready tomorrow morning.

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Number of times Molly burned her mouth with electricity: 2
Number of pro wrasslers met: 1
Number of patterns transferred to 9x12 manila envelopes: 15
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Molly is on the floor. She was happily playing with her toys until I opened my LJ update window. Figures. I love my chubby little pumpkin.

Anyway, it has been a busy but very productive day. I have all my clients' stuff in paper bags now (so much tidier-looking than a pile of plastic grocery bags) and labelled by their names. It's in a neat stack in the corner. The floor was able to be cleared and vacuumed. YES. Of course, that means my computer table is piled high with odds and ends now, but that can be dealt with later. Most of it is probably pitchable.

And, I made two 13x9 pans of Chicken Garbanzo Divan: one for potluck tomorrow and one for us for Sunday or whenever. The kitchen is clean. The living room is mostly clean - Molly's toys are dumped out.

So, I feel accomplished and content, even though I know that in two days nobody will be able to tell it was ever this clean. I'll worry about that in two days.

Bible study is at Andrew and Kai's tonight. Apparently we are having pizza. Sounds yummy. I'm thinking of finding out if Frances and the kids want to come to our place after potluck tomorrow since Dr Paul won't be around to go door-to-door with Dan and maybe he can just go with Jim. We shall see.

Also, today I learned that the vacuum terrifies Molly. And she got some carrots mixed with rice cereal at lunch today because we had some. She seemed uncertain of the texture at first but in the end got probably a tablespoon or so down her.
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Let's start the year off right with a chipper Janeway, shall we?

We were very boring people and didn't do anything exciting last night. Dan kept Molly in the office with him while he worked late (he came to bed after midnight) so that I could get some sleep *before* midnight. That was nice. We were both up at midnight, though, because she was due for a feeding at 11.30 (and woke up right at the right time).

And then we both got up around 7. Molly has been a sleepyhead to end all sleepyheads today. This enabled me to go on a walk that was cut short because it wasn't raining when I left the house and started raining when I got three blocks from home. Which caused me to turn about and go home looking like a drowned rat. It was pretty awesome.

And I also finally get all the laundry put away (hers from days ago) and sort and tidy her drawer. I took out some too-small things, added some new things, and it's much nicer now.

And I took Molly for a second walk (this time equipped with an umbrella - and guess what, it rained not, neither did it pour) to RiteAid on a quest for white chocolate for the purposes of making Stevi's yummy wc/cranberry cookies. They had none. No chips. Nothing. Not even wc M&Ms. I found this unacceptable. Oh well. I don't have time to make them today anyway.

My neck=still killing me. Time for lunch now.
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Following some sage advice from a [livejournal.com profile] krikketgirl, this mother decided to go ahead and start transitioning M to her crib in the other room. First step: portable crib at foot of our bed. This way she's by neither of our heads (specifically mine), but still handy to fetch when nom time cometh. Going to try this for a few nights and see if it helps us (and her) sleep better.

She's continued to be pretty good today, though around lunch time she was kind of fussbudgety and needed a lot of attention. She finally did go to sleep though.

I've had a pretty productive day: did a load of sheets and towels, sorted out her next size of clothes and made them easily available for when we need them (she's already growing out of some of her first sleepers!), made eggplant curry for lunch, washed the dishes, put away the laundry, took the dining room chairs back downstairs, ironed the sheet/pillowcases, finished all my e-mails that I needed to send...

In other words, I've been busy. It has felt good to be busy and not be overwhelmed with fatigue.

Donna is going to come by at some point tomorrow to watch Molly so we can "do whatever". I'm sure Dan will be working; I've been wanting to draw a picture of M though and haven't had a chance, so I think I'll do that while she's here.
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The office seems really huge now that the cot and the ironing board and the car seat box and scores of other things are no longer on the floor. I can deal with that. Dan cleaned out the coat closet downstairs and reorganised it. I think he's nesting.

Walking around is very painful today. Therefore... no luck finding stroller seat. I did get my lights on the stair railing. They look a tad ghetto with all the bare wires (can't find any ribbons in my stash that are either white or blue *and* long enough) but they make me happy.

Every few minutes I feel starving to death again and have to go eat something.

That has been my day. How is yours?
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  • 09:45:23: is not happy with the Indian child sponsorship people. At all.
  • 15:00:13: @jacquelynfisher Oh, I'm just annoyed that they do not seem to care to communicate with me no matter how much I try to contact them...
  • 15:00:38: is sitting on the couch with an achy back while Anna sweeps cobwebbery from the ceiling.
  • 16:44:41: like a ravening she-wolf diggeth in the freezer, seeking what she may devour... because she is too lazy to make apple pie.
  • 17:49:43: wishes she had a Baby Eject Button
  • 21:27:58: Baby, spare that rib! It's mine! NOT YOUR PERSONAL FOOTREST.
  • 22:09:39: setting aside electronic devices in favour of sleep

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  • 08:24:55: is up after a long and crampy night. Now her back hurts and she has to think of something for breakfast.
  • 10:24:13: is pondering her plan of action for the day. She thinks perhaps the most intimidating project should be tackled first: the Office of Doom.
  • 14:30:11: has a burnt tongue from her yummy split pea-potato soup.
  • 21:16:14: won a game of Monopoly for the first time in like... maybe... ever?
  • 21:54:01: suspects that her child has only one leg.

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  • 07:13:59: is out of bed. Would rather stay IN bed.
  • 08:21:34: getting ready to go for her morning walk... er, morning waddle.
  • 09:54:52: thinks she was wrong in believing she descended from ducks. It had to have been penguins.
  • 11:02:29: is working on the Baldwin Herald, eating dried cranberries, feeling GooGoo wiggle, and listening to Fernando Ortega.
  • 14:52:32: is fresh out of the tub. Going to go clean up the kitchen and then get Anna's bed ready. :-D
  • 15:42:47: is thiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty. Ironing sheets.
  • 16:34:02: finished the ironing. Catching her breath before moving on to her next task.
  • 17:44:00: sitting upstairs contemplating the silence downstairs that probably means the dryer door popped open again. *sigh*
  • 18:04:58: can't decide if her back is actually numb in spots or if it's just super-sensitive to her clothes right now. Probably the latter.
  • 18:05:39: Calm all your fears, and dry all your tears: love will remain when all else shall wane, guiding me on through the years......
  • 20:16:01: is ready for bed. Though, technically, she was ready for bed about 12 hours ago.
  • 21:36:41: going to pick up Anna shortly.

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  • 07:51:27: sitting in bed with a puffmuffin kitty who as of today has lived with us one whole year. *squishy*
  • 08:39:45: just touched Spot and he got all defensive. Guess I'll go for a walk since he doesn't like me. :-(
  • 14:15:11: is getting the lace sewn onto the last few fan blades for her quilt. Then it gets tucked away for now. Yay.
  • 15:09:23: FAN BLADES=DONE. Lunch=about to be eaten. Rice and garbanzos with carrots, green pepper, garlic, and an egg. And Parmesan. Nom.
  • 15:17:56: is pretty sure that Squirmy GooGoo wants to come out soon. Right, GooGoo?
  • 16:28:01: should be doing dishes and isn't; should be cleaning the office and isn't; shouldn't be a lazy bum and is
  • 17:09:19: thinks it's time for some rousing Yankee Doodle Dandy soundtrack! Even if she *wasn't* born in Virginia. Doing dishes now.
  • 17:23:17: Downside of listening to YDD soundtrack: it causes my feet to want to dance. This could be dangerous.
  • 17:41:32: is working herself into a Cagney mood via YouTube. It doesn't take much.
  • 18:11:52: feels kind of antsy. and tense. and restless. time to get off here and try to do some more cleaning upstairs.
  • 21:23:36: is thankful that God has bestowed creative power on our race and would like to be cuddling her little bundle of joy right now.
  • 21:24:29: also hopes that said bundle of joy will be more cuddly than the orange ball of fire that sits just out of my reach.
  • 23:03:08: is going to sleep after laughing herself senseless and otherthingsless for a while. Good night, all.

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  • 04:34:53: it's 4 in the morning baby I can't sleep, I can't seem to get you out of my mind. You keep tossing and turning Yearning for the sun to shine
  • 06:26:22: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah go away morning i wasn't ready to meet you
  • 07:25:55: just spilled milk all over the floor. Joy.
  • 08:14:09: is watching Spot eat the cardboard innards out of his brand new mouse she just gave him yesterday. It's kind of gross.
  • 10:06:08: just cleaned two heaters and vacuumed the bedroom, bathroom and hall. Now for the office floor. IIiiiw
  • 13:55:50: has a Very Naughty Kitty.
  • 14:04:37: instead of cuddling at a convenient time, Spot has decided to curl up on the afghan in progress and take a nap.
  • 14:05:35: And when I touch him he bites me. Thanks, Spot, I love you too.
  • 16:21:33: seriously wonders about some people's brains sometimes.
  • 16:31:19: is listening to Spot snore and getting ready to make vegan cheese sauce. She can't knit, but she thinks she can cook, anyway.
  • 18:10:31: *twitches as GooGoo drums around*
  • 18:18:13: is laughing so hard at today's cake wrecks (yes, again) that her organs hurt.
  • 19:31:38: Tonight's dinner=basically inedible. Time for a bath.
  • 20:56:25: is glad her child is alive and kicking, but hopes that he will stop stabbing her with fingernails or sabres or whatever it is he's using.

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Dan is off to pick up Dixie from the airport and I'm sitting here freaking out because I still have so much to do before sundown. Blaaaaaaaaaaah.

I have the taco salad thing all made except I'm waiting for the beans to cool before adding them.

I can load up the dishwasher and save a little time.

I need to take out the garbage.

Technically I should also vacuum. I might cheat and just do the bathroom.

I think I need a s'more.
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  • 06:30:21: Kept dreaming about oil of Kazan for my icon - a GALLON! - to the tune of "By the Walls of Kazan". Annoying. Making baked oatmeal now.
  • 10:08:47: thinks that maybe, just maybe, she will see the top of her computer table again here today.
  • 10:15:43: found a bag of dried cranberries on her table. Mmm.
  • 11:20:23: is-a starving. Time to go find food. Cleaning is progressing nicely despite a detour through scrapbook paper land...
  • 15:06:29: just up from nap, mind still in fog, cosy kitty nearby
  • 16:23:32: working on baby announcement.
  • 20:44:35: had forgotten ALL ABOUT PAUL NELSON VARSILLY LANG. Debating whether to laugh or cry now that she has unforgotten him.
  • 21:45:50: is lying in bed awaiting the arrival of Sir Baldwin. Long day. Sleep will be welcome.
  • 21:52:01: Also, yesterday was the official Two Months to Go mark. Sounds like such a looooooong time.

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I'd like to know why the two lines I remember of Idaho's state song are randomly running through my head right now.


Who knows their state song, anyway? And Idaho's is hopelessly corny.

I mean, honestly.


Made up a batch of homemade laundry soap and cleaned out the fridge. It was really sticky and gross. Dan made pancake/tortilla type things for breakfast and we ate those with warm fruit sauce. I also had an ice-cold smoothie with my personal pharmacy mixed in.

I can tell the weather is changing because my old lady hands were stiff and achy this morning. I'm glad though. Sick of heat and the sun. I'm ready for a gloomy, rainy Oregon winter.


Mr Baldwin is hungry. Better feed him.
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Well, thanks to God I did get a lot done today and I feel good knowing I'm finished with the most important stuff now. Need to get out chairs for everyone. We are now having 11 people here tonight. Glad I made 2 dozen muffins. Well, there are 22 left now. Enough for everyone to have one and some to have two.

Thought I'd also make popcorn and cut up some apples or something if people want them. But that's it.

I also got the rest of the peaches in the freezer, vacuumed, got the living room cleaned up, and made soup and rice for tomorrow's lunch.

Now I'm going to install Snow Leopard.
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[livejournal.com profile] beloved_tree, I got mail from you. :-) Thanks! I just love the postcard, too. I'm going to see if I have a frame to fit it.

Off to the midwife in about 15 minutes. Waiting for my apple cake to get done baking first, though. I had a bunch of apples left over from the last cake and they're too tart to just eat, so another cake was in order. Did a different recipe this time, and adapted it a bit and poured hemp seed in it as well. I had hemp seed on my oatmeal this morning. I was surprised how actually mild and delicious it is. Very nutty. Unlike flax seed, which just smells so terrible it's hard to get excited about eating it.

[/hemp seed commercial]

Not sure what else is on the plan for today, except I really hope I can finish cleaning the office. I think once the sewing closet is in order, it will stay that way for a while. I'm not really sewing for me right now (and probably won't be until next spring, much) and outside of perhaps some crochet projects and (maybe) gaining some knitting skills, I really just want to take a break. So many other things I need to do that are more pertinent.

I had something else to say. I've forgotten.
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There was something very beautiful and Italian-flaggish about the chopped onions, green and red bell peppers, sliced garlic happily sauteeing in the skillet at lunch today. I sauteed them in olive oil and lime juice and was so worried the end result would be too sweet that I put a ton of onion powder, red pepper flakes, Vegeta, and taco seasoning in.

I'm glad I didn't add salsa, because it nearly blew out my eardrums.

No, not quite, but it was pretty warm. I had to take the last few noms with milk.

The cleaning is going pretty well. I have gathered all my fancy fabrics and managed to compact them tightly into one box, and all my suitings/canvas/denim into another. Next I need to figure out a system for my cotton prints and how I want to sort those.

Back to the grind.
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Well, despite the foot, I kept busy all yesterday. I rolled all my skeins of yarn into balls (that I have found so far, anyway). I started piles of embroidery-related, quilting-related, and interfacing-like stuff. The fabric is being sorted into flannels, suitings, cottons, home dec, and dressy (probably to be divided into further subcategories later). I've been finding books of needles all over the place, so they have been consolidated into my master needle book as I find them.

Nobody would be able to tell I've accomplished anything so far were they to step into the office, but I think I have... and I think it will be worth a day or two (or three) of mess. I'm hoping I can get it done today, though, because there's lots to do downstairs too. Like, today, laundry day.
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Spot is a ball of energy this morning. He's out front now writhing around on the pavement and making squeaking noises. I'm almost done cleaning up the kitchen and then I'll have to make lunch and get the rest of the raspberries in the freezer. 15 quart bags so far (the fifteenth not quite full). Yummy.

It's Bastille Day. I feel like I should be watching "A Tale of Two Cities", but I'm not sure I could handle the emotional overload. Hmm. On the other hand, it would give me something to do to motivate me to do kitchen work while watching the movie play. (I've got iRene down here in the dining room because we are iBook-less until Donna comes home.)

Yeah... maybe. I'll think it over.


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