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  • 07:05:49: Brrr. 39 this morning.
  • 15:23:25: The day is gorgeous, the men's chorus was superb, God loves me, and there was carrot cake at potluck. What could be happier-making?
  • 19:02:17: waiting for Mr Baldwin to come home. Any time now. GooGoo is a pretty busy baby.
  • 21:53:01: sitting in Pedee watching Spot disappear under furniture.

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Just got back from church. Lebanon had a potluck, too, so I decided to stay for that. Otherwise I'd just be eating another huge vat of mac and cheese and this way I got some other kinds of food into me as well. :-p Including 3 kinds of dessert, one of which was CARROT CAKE. I think George is never going to stop teasing me about the carrot cake thing, because of all my Facebook googawing over it prior to the shower.

The men's chorus was grand. GooGoo was, literally, dancing the whole time they were singing. When they stopped, he stopped. It was really funny. I'm very glad I went. After all, NOTHING beats "We Have This Hope" sung by a herd of big, strong male voices. *DIIIIIIIIIES*

When I got home, I found my first Target package waiting for me (the Pooh sheets). Yay. Seriously....... adorable.
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The sun looks like it is coming out and the Elks parking lot is rapidly filling up. They had some bazaar thing going on yesterday all day that is continuing today, so I'm sure it will be crowded with cars around here all day.

Dan left a few minutes ago. I'll need to be heading out here shortly myself since I'll be walking over there this morning and it takes about 20 minutes when we walk fast. So I'll leave at 9. Better get my crackers or something to take along. And run to the bathroom. Again.
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Inspirational thought for the day:

"No outward observances can take the place of simple faith and entire renunciation of self. But no man can empty himself of self. We can only consent for Christ to accomplish the work. Then the language of the soul will be, Lord, take my heart; for I cannot give it. It is Thy property. Keep it pure, for I cannot keep it for Thee. Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchristlike self. Mold me, fashion me, raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere, where the rich current of Thy love can flow through my soul."


I am mightily confused that when I got up the temp was 39 according to Dashboard, and now it is 35. It didn't feel that cold when I went out on my walk - more like in the low 40s.

I did have all the heaters on for a little bit though. I'm not usually the cold one, but I sure was this morning. I couldn't believe Dan had no heater going yet downstairs when I went down there. Brr.

I'll be going to the Lebanon church this morning, both because the Oregon Adventist Men's Choir will be there and also so I can just come home afterwards while Dan stays for potluck at Albany and goes door-to-door. I can rest and get our stuff together for going to Dan's parents' place this evening. Here's hoping GooGoo will not decide to come at, say, 5 in the morning tomorrow when we're far from home.

Monday evening or Tuesday would be nice. How about it, GooGoo? I want you out.


I don't think I ever posted about the What the Baby Will Be discussion that was taking place at my shower. Susana first of all apparently can Usually Tell and is Usually Right, but when she felt my hips she said she wasn't sure.

The general consensus is that it's a boy. Out of all the many people I know, Frances, Kylie, Andrew, Ginny, and Mel are the only ones who think it will be a girl. We shall see. :-p
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  • 06:56:42: is about ready to go for her morning walk... in the rain. I like this day.
  • 08:27:53: is heading to church in a few minutes. First week as assistant chorister. Does anyone else think "chorister" is just a WEIRD WORD?
  • 21:12:54: is listening to Dan and Kai discuss trigonometry
  • 21:25:41: has a baby that Will Not Sit Still. He's desperately wanting to get out, apparently, and hammering around with Little Baby Fists.

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  • 07:56:40: is back home from a walk in the cold, made the bed, and is looking over the chorister schedule for the coming year...
  • 16:42:04: is hanging out at George and Misty's
  • 19:24:25: loves her orange fuzzball and having a tummy full of yummy food
  • 19:56:23: GooGoo is oozing around. I just had a foot or something poke out my side for a minute.
  • 20:31:21: just threw up a little in her mouth. Ew. That is what she gets for crunching up her organs on the floor playing with the orange fuzzball.
  • 20:56:51: is in bed with a wiggly baby
  • 21:12:50: falling asleep tonight, somehow I know

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I just untangled Spot from his self-inflicted prison outside, otherwise known as Leash in a Maze-Like Pattern In and Out of Flowerpots and Around the Porch Post. For like the fifth time today.

I made bread this morning. I did it in rolls instead of loaves because I have a hankering for egg salad on a roll. I realise that there is NO difference in flavour and it's just psychological. But I want my egg salad on a roll. At the moment I'm making soup for lunch because Mr Baldwin is longing yet for soft food that will not irritate his so-slowly-healing mouth. It has lentils, leftover spaghetti sauce, celery, and onion powder in it so far. I may throw some cooked rice in toward the end, also leftover.

And I finished skirt 1 of 2 for Beth Mason at church who has lost weight and needed them taken in at the sides. It was a fascinating process because it had POCKETS. I've never put in a pocket, let alone had to take one OUT and put it back IN. The pockets don't look quite the same as when she gave it to me, but it did manage to remain neat and tidy looking.

I also got asked to be assistant chorister at church this morning at 7.36 a.m. Aside from wondering who on earth calls someone else at that hour of the morning, generally speaking, I felt a bit of confusion just because it reminds me that at this church you don't really volunteer yourself. You're assigned.

Up at Dan's church, I guess because there were so few people, everyone just did, job or not. I helped lead the singing almost every week... there's no way at this church I could just prance up the podium and join in whenever I felt like it. They're much, much more formal about such things. It's kind of strange. Oh well. I told her I would do it. As usual, this particular lady was of few words and I have no clue as to whom I will be assisting or when I'm to begin. Quite insane.

I went antique alphabet block hunting this morning at one of the antique shops. I'm so annoyed that I didn't buy the blocks when they had a bucket of them a couple months ago. Because they do not have them now. They had a set of new ones, but I want old ones. Maybe the other shop will have them. They were closed. My friend Laura had a picture taken with antique blocks spelling her baby's name that reminded me... and now I am on a quest. What else is new.
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Well, we went places today.

Today we left at about 8.45 for church - the Erie SDA. It was very nice experience. Sabbath school was not as much discussion as I know Dan enjoys, but it was really good to see a wide age range in the group when they converged for service. The man who did special music was the pianist and he played and sang "It Is Well With My Soul" - utterly gorgeous. The man who did the children's story impressed me, too, because he told a story from the Bible and did a really good job of explaining it (the story of the siege of Samaria and the two lepers who went and told the city that the Assyrians were gone) - showing them how that is similar to the Gospel and how we should be busy telling everyone that Jesus is coming again. Very good. The sermon was about Fundamental Principle 24, the coming of Jesus. A good review of the texts about that.

We stayed for potluck as well and after we had eaten and visited a bit, we took their recommendation to visit Presque Isle, which is basically a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie. It was very beautiful up there. I took off my shoes, which were really painful - my feet felt fat - and walked along the edge of the water on one of the beaches for a while. Then we drove back to Cambridge Springs, had dinner with Claire's gang, and drove around to look and see where the Rider Hotel used to be (it was some HUGE hotel, of brick and much bigger than the Riverside) on the 1895 map drawing of Cambridge Springs that hangs on the wall at the Inn). It is gone, but there are some sort of warehouses there now. Behind it is an old college, not on the map, that is now a correctional institution. Wow.

Also drove around just to look at scenery in general. Got back in time to wander the Inn and take some photos. We were going to have a group together in the bar like last year, but there were so many people in there and no-one of our group but Claire and Diane to come, which was fine, but by the time we finished watching our wedding video we decided to just skip it and go to bed. I finished writing up my notes for introducing The Chocolate Soldier and helped pack.

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Nobody is online. [livejournal.com profile] paularidgeway must have gone ahead and died of that heat-related illness+canine fecal matter. Waaa.

The walk today was nice, but I had a headache, sneezing eyes, and super-sensitivity to light today. I got home and lay down and couldn't even relax for the pain. Had to break down and take some Ibuprofen, which did seem to help the pain so I could go to sleep. Didn't sleep well last night, as I think I mentioned.

The children did church today. The pastor is still gone. He should be back tomorrow. I thought their last program was more interesting, but they did do a good job and sang with more confidence this time.

I'm tired of feeling like this. Blah.

We leave for Cambridge Springs this coming Wednesday.
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What are the odds of us BOTH waking up with sores inside our lips on the same spot? Okay, opposite sides, but still.

In other news, I slept very lightly and am not very rested. It is called Heat and Burned Thumb That Wakes Me Up Because It's Itchy.

Have to leave early for church because we have to get the directories stapled up. Have to go on a church hike today. Have to do prayer and praise at church. Have to do special music at church.

Have great need to go back to bed.
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I forgot to post yesterday that I called Lois and she informed me that Pastor Paul is retiring at the end of June. I guess Coralie's health problems are getting to be too much and he needs to be more available for her or something. I am sad. :-( No words. It's kind of scary. You never know who you'll end up with, but I know that the Lents people will pick a good replacement - the best they can find. But it will be sad nonetheless. He's going to stay away from Lents for about a year so the new pastor can get established without any interference. We are going to see if he and Coralie will be able to come to lunch with us some Sabbath.

I'm obsessed with our wedding video. I have issues.

I'm going to go read "Early Writings" for a while.


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