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Cats are, seriously, SO LAZY.

I can't imagine a life where one's primary objective is to sleep as much as felinely possible.
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This morning Spot actually kept moving for most of his walk, albeit very slowly.

He had his first one-on-one encounter with another, rather larger cat who saw me over the fence first and jumped up on the fence mewing to be petted, so I pet it. Spot instantly became a bushball and the other, rather larger cat also became slightly agitated. Still, Spot inched his way over as if interested, and stood up a little to reach up the fence and the other, rather larger cat hissed at him.

So I told Spot the other, larger cat didn't want to be friends, and eventually got him moved along.
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And still no word whether we can have a kitty. *sigh* Keep praying that the one we want will still be available and that Barb will get on the ball and say yes.
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more cat pictures
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Just for the Cricket. )

And this is just awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Funny Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

The place is really clean. I think the only thing we'll really have to do is take out trash. We had a large waffle breakfast and I will have full feels for several hours still. I need to find out if I need to make anything to take to Warren and Vicky's place tomorrow. Which while the full feels remain, food thoughts appeal not to me.

When I was little I used to hear my mom make calls to people about what to bring for an event. Now I am making such calls myself.

I feel old.

It is a lovely day. I shall go see about collecting parcels at the office.


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