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I can't believe I slept until 7.42 this morning. Again, I don't remember hearing my alarm at all and I had no idea it was that late already.

No baby yet. I surely hope he doesn't wait too much longer. However, having gotten such a good night's sleep, I'm planning to tackle a couple things this morning that need to be done - vacuuming and ironing. I also need to call Lois, because she called last night and left a message and I was too tired to call back last night. She said a long time ago she went into labour with her son whilst ironing. Every time I iron now I think of this... maybe today it will work. *cackle*

I'm not really planning too far in advance though. I'm kind of thinking of skipping out on Bible study tonight - Dan can go if he wants, but I think I'd like to stick close to home.

Well, I better go feed myself. I'm really hungry, and I want to try this new eFoods hot cereal Dan opened last night. It is allegedly raspberry flavour, although he said he couldn't really taste that.

SUGAR SIDE NOTE: So far, I have not failed in my plan, thanks to a lot of prayer. I had more difficulty controlling myself the days my sweet has involved chocolate. This makes me think that caffeine+sugar might be the biggest culprit. I have no other caffeine source in my diet currently... so a little bit might be all it takes.
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TMI, I know, but when I went to the bathroom a little bit ago there was this really dark clot of blood that came out... which freaked me out. So I called the midwife and she came out and said that wasn't really too big of a deal since I wasn't bleeding hard enough to soak a pad through or anything. Listening to the baby's heart though it was skipping beats, which in itself apparently isn't a problem, except that the heart rate was also a lot lower than it's ever been.

So, I woke Dan up because it was possible we might need to go to the hospital, and she kept listening to the heartbeat and called up another midwife to get a second opinion.

Anyway, in the meantime we were both praying and then when she listened again it seemed to be much more regular - still skipping a little but back up to 130-150.

So, everything should be okay, and this baby will probably be coming very soon. Keep praying though!
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The mist outside really just descended so suddenly. When I came down here a little bit ago it was barely there at all and now I can just faintly make out the white trim on the house on the other side of the Elks parking lot - and only the white trim. I can't see the house at all. Very, very strange.

Dan is at Lois' house helping her with some computer issues she's having and I'm here at home feeling miserable but did finally get up the gumption to get the dishes washed. After all, if I have the energy to pop my frozen peach pie in the oven, the least I can do to earn the right to eat it is wash dishes, right?

I have really wanted peaches. We are out of frozen, which I wanted to stir into yogurt last night, and that made me sad. The only peaches we have in the house are in this pie. So... the pie is now out of the freezer and being revitalised in Mr Oven. Yum... I hope! This is my first attempt at warming over a (homemade) frozen pie.

The candles and the Hanukkah lights make it feel very nice and warm in here, too. What I feel like doing more than anything is curling up in bed and snuggling with Mr Baldwin, but probably by the time I creak and groan myself up the stairs tonight all I will have energy left for is dropping off to sleep.

GooGoo has one more day to be a November baby and make his mother really happy. He's been a lot less active today though he has still been moving around. My appointment tomorrow isn't until the afternoon because the midwife has some house visits to make... so that will be kind of strange, but nice if I decide to sleep in some in the morning.

Sort of bored. Should go finish the dishes, I guess. Wish I had the presence of mind to read, but I do not... although I have been going at "Christ's Object Lessons" pretty steadily.
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  • 07:24:28: is cranky, tired, and huge. Any questions about when the baby is due = DO NOT WANT. When it comes, you will know. *feels like Eeyore*
  • 09:02:55: back from a walk. It is a lovely morning. Barely anyone on the road. Pretty much all I could hear was my own bones creaking.
  • 15:05:47: is heading to walk with Katrina and Dan
  • 18:22:22: is trying to decide what she wants to eat. Nothing sounds good.
  • 19:46:46: is going to finish the stroller seat. Then shall the end come. Maybe?
  • 20:44:45: is not happy she can't find the original stroller seat so she knows how on earth this thing is supposed to go back on the frame. BLAH.
  • 20:45:20: However, Raffi is making me feel somewhat better. Yawning, however, does not yawn my sleepies out. It intensifies my sleepies.

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  • 02:50:29: isn't happy that the contractions seem to have stopped. Back to bed.
  • 07:30:52: Morning has broken... nothing else has, though. Blah. But she will not stop hoping for a GooGoo to come today anyway.
  • 08:49:09: is making pumpkin pies for the first time in her life. Wish her luck.
  • 10:39:55: So far, the pies look acceptable. They are about ready to take out of the oven.
  • 11:06:14: is on a cracker binge.
  • 14:06:55: 's back hates her; she returns the compliment. Sitting on the bed with comfy pillows trying to alleviate the situation. *sigh*
  • 15:05:10: is enjoying how Raffi has turned "Goodnight, Irene" from a slightly sordid love story to a song about sleeping animals. I heart you, Raffi.
  • 15:58:04: Fuzzy Spot - stolen valuable real estate on the pillow I *was* leaning on. Wiggly GooGoo - treating me to some nice fakey contractions.
  • 17:11:08: is slathering her freshly sanded feet with vitamin E cream.
  • 19:41:28: GooGoo is antsy. But he isn't apparently antsy enough to come out yet. Boo. Back to OCD-ing about my Thanksgiving table now.
  • 22:28:42: is heading to bed to charge up for all the giving of thanks tomorrow.

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  • 08:02:17: is very hungry. Mr Baldwin is making breakfast.
  • 08:24:54: The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving? No. Way. I'M NOT READY. At least I have an extra pair of hands now.
  • 09:36:16: lying in bed trying to collect scattered hormonal debris and thinking about all she should be doing that isn't being done.
  • 11:25:07: has a brightly sunlit feline on the floor
  • 12:37:20: is suspicious... like a fox.
  • 13:16:17: is making vegan broccoli cheese soup for lunch... like a fox
  • 14:03:12: AAAAAH BELLA IS COMING....... and I am not her mom and I am still hyperventilating. Come on, GooGoo... you don't want to be outdone, right?
  • 15:04:29: is really hot... opening the window wide. Also, extremely sleepy. brief nap is in order?
  • 16:27:08: Come on, little GooGoo, we have bet the whole kaboodle on you! Run, giddyup giddyup giddyup, show a little speed! [/YDD moment]
  • 17:03:01: Got charged an overdraft fee anyway despite the fact that the lady at the bank yesterday said my deposit was going to stop that happening.
  • 19:34:43: is still hot. Pondering what to eat for dinner.
  • 21:41:48: listening to Spot frolicking with his furball
  • 22:36:27: loves her mussy-haired boy and her bed.
  • 23:20:38: @QQKachoo Vizen-froynd, as far as I know.
  • 23:57:31: is timing contractions.

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Just got back from grocery shopping for components of Thanksgiving essentials, fascinatingly most of them the essentials I don't particularly care for: pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes and celery for the veggie tray. :-p The sparkling cider, however, I care very much for. Got one bottle of plain apple and two of apple-cranberry, and one of those gets set aside if GooGoo is a girl. (I have plain already in the cupboard that I've been hoarding if he's a boy.)

Bella has apparently safely arrived, although Brittany is still a bit loopy from her meds and we may therefore not get pictures until tomorrow. Boo.


Anyway... tomorrow will be a busy day. I can't believe Anna has already been here a week and will be leaving so soon. Weirdness. But most everything has been done that needed to be, and tomorrow will take care of the rest of those tasks.

Unless, of course, GooGoo decides to be nice and come tonight?

What we will be doing tomorrow:

1. Pumpkin pies.
2. Green bean casserole.
3. Dusting.
4. Vacuuming.
5. Washing floors.
6. Bringing second table downstairs.
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Sitting on the couch. Just made the bed minus bedspread which is still in the dryer. Sending intense telepathic messages to GooGoo à la Geo. Cohan, but I am not sure he is listening. Clearly he is utterly unimpressed that Bella is beating him in the race to Out.

Spot is mewing outside. He has been out several times today because the weather is so pleasant and unwet and suitable for feline forays in the fresh fall air. Hence I am a bit reluctant to have him come in.

I am totally hearing a Jerry Collona noise.

Also... on Thanksgiving, my mom is bringing cheesecake and I am going to eat it ALL.


Sort of.

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  • 07:04:32: poves waking up to a snuggy feline
  • 11:33:46: watching Spot on the floor writhing about; feeling The Foot also writhing about; soon heading to her appointment. Could it be the last????
  • 13:00:16: has learned that The Foot is actually a Knee. Regardless, GooGoo needs to stop knocking it into my ribs.
  • 16:36:18: is chilling on the bed with an achy back, but APPLE CAKE IS IN THE OVEN. So is GooGoo. Betcha the cake comes out first.
  • 16:43:30: Also, you know you live in a small town when a local gaggle of footloose wild turkeys makes the front page of the newspaper.
  • 17:27:01: is hanging out on the bed with an invisible boa constrictor for company and thinking she's hungry again when she's probably actually not.
  • 18:08:50: thinks sleep is the most beautiful thing in the world but has a few hours standing between her and it.
  • 18:23:53: Uh... GooGoo is lurching around like a little lunatic.
  • 21:05:34: is... hot. It's 45 outside and she has the window wide open. She is still trying to convince GooGoo he wants to be out.

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  • 09:45:23: is not happy with the Indian child sponsorship people. At all.
  • 15:00:13: @jacquelynfisher Oh, I'm just annoyed that they do not seem to care to communicate with me no matter how much I try to contact them...
  • 15:00:38: is sitting on the couch with an achy back while Anna sweeps cobwebbery from the ceiling.
  • 16:44:41: like a ravening she-wolf diggeth in the freezer, seeking what she may devour... because she is too lazy to make apple pie.
  • 17:49:43: wishes she had a Baby Eject Button
  • 21:27:58: Baby, spare that rib! It's mine! NOT YOUR PERSONAL FOOTREST.
  • 22:09:39: setting aside electronic devices in favour of sleep

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  • 08:16:56: loves a cosy bed on a rainy morning. Alas, she can't stay there all day.
  • 11:22:50: is relaxing on the couch watching Anna and Spot play with his humiliated feather.
  • 12:35:58: did not just buy Depends at RiteAid. Did not. *shifty eyes*
  • 13:38:53: feels like a boa constrictor is giving her big hugs
  • 15:33:07: pondering the philosophical question: Is it physiologically possible for pregnant people to pursue pelting paces?
  • 16:53:52: is out of the tub. Very hot now, and sleepy for the 50,000th time today.
  • 18:09:08: is gradually becoming suitably clothed for public view. Bible study/fud coming up in an hour.
  • 18:34:51: wishes she had a camera handy because Spot is adorably puffmuffiny on the iBook right now...
  • 20:25:34: is ready for bed but she is at Bible study and cannot
  • 22:33:00: home. about to collapse into bed. maybe i can talk Mr Baldwin into... rubbing my shoulders? ;-)

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  • 08:24:55: is up after a long and crampy night. Now her back hurts and she has to think of something for breakfast.
  • 10:24:13: is pondering her plan of action for the day. She thinks perhaps the most intimidating project should be tackled first: the Office of Doom.
  • 14:30:11: has a burnt tongue from her yummy split pea-potato soup.
  • 21:16:14: won a game of Monopoly for the first time in like... maybe... ever?
  • 21:54:01: suspects that her child has only one leg.

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  • 07:13:59: is out of bed. Would rather stay IN bed.
  • 08:21:34: getting ready to go for her morning walk... er, morning waddle.
  • 09:54:52: thinks she was wrong in believing she descended from ducks. It had to have been penguins.
  • 11:02:29: is working on the Baldwin Herald, eating dried cranberries, feeling GooGoo wiggle, and listening to Fernando Ortega.
  • 14:52:32: is fresh out of the tub. Going to go clean up the kitchen and then get Anna's bed ready. :-D
  • 15:42:47: is thiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty. Ironing sheets.
  • 16:34:02: finished the ironing. Catching her breath before moving on to her next task.
  • 17:44:00: sitting upstairs contemplating the silence downstairs that probably means the dryer door popped open again. *sigh*
  • 18:04:58: can't decide if her back is actually numb in spots or if it's just super-sensitive to her clothes right now. Probably the latter.
  • 18:05:39: Calm all your fears, and dry all your tears: love will remain when all else shall wane, guiding me on through the years......
  • 20:16:01: is ready for bed. Though, technically, she was ready for bed about 12 hours ago.
  • 21:36:41: going to pick up Anna shortly.

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  • 08:00:42: is peckish. What she craves will take about half an hour to make. Is it worth it?
  • 08:44:09: is waiting for her muffins to finish baking and failing to mind meld with GooGoo to discuss this issue of Not Being Here Yet.
  • 10:02:34: managed to put concord grapes in her muffins instead of blueberries. Nice going there, self. At least they still tasted good. Just seedy.
  • 12:15:00: is going to make soup for lunch. Lots of yummy bits of leftovers in the fridge to put in it.
  • 13:07:24: is making dumplings with her soup. She has never done this before. Should be fascinating.
  • 13:19:41: is having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...
  • 14:32:13: is distoibed that she remembers nothing of this pre-nuptial video Dan has on his camera. Nothing at all.
  • 18:43:17: is way too full of baby. Why don't you come out already, GooGoo? Also, bumper pad left Spokane this morning. Yay.
  • 19:05:41: is making cornbread for dinner... like a fox.
  • 20:01:33: is reading The Magician's Nephew amongst the pillows and comforts of her bed.
  • 20:02:12: Then she sneezed and that hurt.
  • 21:56:29: sitting in my Nice Warm Comfortable Bed with Spot sort of nearby and great longings for sleep. In a few minutes I shall succumb.
  • 22:00:49: ohai wake me up wen teh contraxtions start k?

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Me: I'm so tired of having to pee.
Dan: Try some other letter of the alphabet, then. How about R?
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Well, Warren's stuff is boxed up, addressed, and ready to go. I wrapped Anna's Christmas present and am currently trying to keep Spot entertained up here while Dan is downstairs making a video of himself making flat bread. Also eating cranberries to fend off the nausea that seems to be disappearing now, for which I am glad. Need to take my books downstairs and find places for them on the shelves, too.

Not feeling so great today. I think I'll lay low and continue sending brainwaves to GooGoo.
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I am really, really hungry. I feel like making blueberry muffins, only with blackberries, but am not sure I want to wait that long to eat. I suppose I could manage if I'd get going on it now.

I slept pretty well last night but seriously, seriously achy to the thoid power. Not sure if it's from the walking yesterday or what. I seriously want this baby to come NOW. I'm losing patience.
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  • 04:30:39: is lying awake at 3.30am. joy.
  • 08:58:56: another day. Happy rain outside.
  • 09:03:53: Also, GooGoo has been in hyper mode almost constantly for hours. He needs to calm down. It cannot be THAT exciting in there.
  • 09:30:47: smells yummy scrambled tofu cooking.
  • 11:08:44: says hello, she is going to pop at any moment like an overinflated balloon.
  • 14:13:34: And Jael said, Let there be a bath in the midst of the bathroom, and let the warm waters be divided from the cold waters, and it was so.
  • 14:45:35: And Jael beheld, and lo, the bath was very good.
  • 19:49:09: is making sliced baked potatoes for herself and counting down to bedtime. Sleep=best thing ever when one can get it.
  • 21:06:54: gets to make a Powell's Pilgrimage tomorrow whilst Mr Baldwin is at his meeting. I think it will be a Good Day.
  • 22:18:32: suspects that GooGoo ain't long for this womb.
  • 22:22:08: realises that Ginny does not agree with my suspicions.

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Dear Strange Popping Noises Coming From Within:

I would feel much, much better if you would cease.



Dear Stray GooGoo Foot of Doom:

I would feel much, much better if you would tuck yourself somewhere besides, say, my most ticklish rib.

Thank you.

The maternal unit


*watches Spot turn around in circles several times as he settles down practically out of reach*


Dan asked me if I wanted to go with him to Portland tomorrow. I have nothing really urgent to do here and will likely be bored out of my mind if I stay, so I said yes. I am in luck that my midwife appointment will be all done in time to go.

Then I discovered that we will just Happen to Be close to Powell's Bookstore.

I know where I will be spending a blissful hour and a half.

So, GooGoo, please don't decide to come tomorrow. I still maintain Tuesday would be a good choice on your part. Not the day when I finally get a chance to go to Powell's without a bored husband trailing along behind me wanting me to hurry up and finish looking. OK?


So sleepy. So glad to be back in my own bed tonight.

*follows the path of The Foot with her hand trying to coax it to tuck itself in*
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  • 07:05:49: Brrr. 39 this morning.
  • 15:23:25: The day is gorgeous, the men's chorus was superb, God loves me, and there was carrot cake at potluck. What could be happier-making?
  • 19:02:17: waiting for Mr Baldwin to come home. Any time now. GooGoo is a pretty busy baby.
  • 21:53:01: sitting in Pedee watching Spot disappear under furniture.

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