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Ginny: I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I feel like I'm going to barf.
Jael: Awww. I'm hungry but it's bedtime. *sigh*
Ginny: Awwww Can't you have a little dessert?
Jael: I did already LOL
Ginny: Blahaha What did you have?
Jael: A couple of my no-bake cookies that are so healthy. LOL They are good.
Ginny: What is in them? I want cookies.
Jael: Oats, cocoa, flaxseed, wheat germ, peanut butter
Ginny: Ooooooh
Jael: I added some cocoanut to this last batch
Ginny: Oooooh
Jael: Oh, and milk and vanilla
Jael: And a bit of sugar.
Ginny: Gah. Sounds good. I'd also enjoy some brown sugar thrown in there...
Jael: Cocoanut cocoanutcocoanutcocoanut ... I did use brown sugar.
Ginny: I was sorely tempted the other day to eat a pinch of brown sugar on it's own.
Jael: :-p
Ginny: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jael: They would be nice on french vanilla ice cream.
Ginny: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Dan: Does this [2010 Jim Harrison Coke Calendar] have different pictures from the one last year?
Me: Yeah.
Dan: They just looked... kind of the same.

It's... it's only Four Seasons calendars that are always the same every year. Really.

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Me: I'm so tired of having to pee.
Dan: Try some other letter of the alphabet, then. How about R?

Voice Post

Oct. 23rd, 2009 04:42 pm
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I'm not sure how much of this is actually hearable, but at first the conversation went something like this:

Woman #1: *hack cough hack*
Woman #2: That's like bronchitis. That's not just a regular cold. That sounds bad like bronchitis. Are you on antibiotics?
[various overlapping babble about bronchitis and antibiotics]

There was also a remark about somebody's spit being in someone else's whisky, "it" being all over Facebook (whatever "it" is - if only they knew how true that was) and now as I write this they're all laughing like hyenas.

Yes, this has been going on probably 4 hours now.
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[livejournal.com profile] beloved_tree, I DID mail you the dress... and yesterday it got returned to me because apparently the postperson decided to use it as a seat cushion on a rainy day and it got wet and the address did a disappearing act. So annoying. I'll try to get off my butt tomorrow and put it back in the mailbox.

In other mail news, Kohl's order arrival competition is in full swing.

2:31 PM Jaelness: My Kohl's order is in Ohio
2:42 PM Cricket: It's in Ohio
2:42 PM Jaelness: ROFL
2:42 PM Jaelness: I know, huh?
2:42 PM Cricket: Yours, too?
2:42 PM Jaelness: Yeah
2:58 PM Cricket: Oh wow.... did we say that at the same time? I was on the iPhone
2:58 PM Jaelness: HAHA
2:58 PM Jaelness: Yes, we did.
2:58 PM Cricket: Oh my word
2:58 PM Cricket: 10 minutes before me
2:58 PM Cricket: That's creepy
2:59 PM Cricket: That's creepy times a million
2:59 PM Jaelness: *cackle*

I already know I'm not going to get mine first.
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Kari: oh the names just get better and better. Picking a name is soooo hard unless you already have an idea that you both agree upon. That's why our last baby (from 2008) was named Lazarath. Robert randomly said it and then we never bothered to change it. Ridicilous name!

Jael: Dan tried to talk me into Digory at one point
We've had the names picked out since before we were even engaged, though, so I'm just being facetious and keeping people guessing.

Kari: Digory! my goodness
not a bad name, but probably only those old people from Britian would have heard of it - or those who read Narnia
Robert can't keep his mouth shut so we never have anything a secret


No matter how insane/hideous the choices may be, Madison will NEVER be one of them. So Zizzy, relax.
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Jael: Would I look bad in this colour?

Jael: Hers, obviously
Ginny: That's not always obvious with you, Mr. Turner.
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Me (replenishing various bathrooms and other places): We only have 36 rolls of toilet paper left! We're almost OUT!*
Dan: We'll have to make a run to WinCo!
Me a la Worf: The toilet paper supply is in a crisis, Captain. I recommend beaming down an away team.
Dan: I'm going along.
Me: No, Captain, you're not supposed to go down.
Dan: I have to go, Number One.
Me: I have to go number two. That's why we need the toilet paper.

*We probably actually have more than that.
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Me: Our new food dehydrator came with Jerky Cure packets.
Ginny: Like you'll ever use those, probably.

Ginny: Unless you're making like some... tofu jerky or something.

Dan, at lunch a little later: Oh look, Jerky Cure, the cure for jerky!

Dan: We could make like some tofu jerky.
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We got up at five and were out of the hooker haunt by five-thirty. We found the airport, turned in the car, and took the tram to the terminal so we could check in. Behind us in line a man and his wife had a lot to say.

Man: I've nevah seen a line dis long.
Wife: We still gotta go troo security aftah dis.

It was a rather long line, but since we had plenty of time I wasn't really concerned. A few minutes later, they had more to say.

Man: I've nevah seen a line dis long.
Wife: We still gotta go troo security aftah dis.

It was a rather long line, but since we had plenty of time I wasn't really concerned. A few minutes later, they had more to say.

Man: I've nevah seen a line dis long.
Wife: We still gotta go troo security aftah dis.

You get the idea.

Security was a little rocky. In Portland, they didn't question the fact that my ID card doesn't say Baldwin, although I had brought our marriage thing to show if they needed it. It didn't occur to me, therefore, to have that out in Newark. The man was very impatient and brusque with me. Actually,let's just say rude. We had to go through secondary security. I felt a little bit like a cow being led to the slaughter. It's like you're not a person, you're just some object that for some unfathomable reason has been reduced to Worm Status.

Finally made it through. At least I didn't have to be frisked.

The plane was there on time, but they didn't call us to board until 30-45 minutes after the scheduled departure (not boarding!) time. I was really tired and hungry and zonked out for a while here until the movie started. It was Definitely Maybe and I actually enjoyed it. I've heard about Abigail Breslin, but not seen her in anything. Very cute little girl. Now they are showing Fool's Gold again and I'm passing on giving that one another opportunity.

Dan and I are light years apart, it seems. He's in 18D and I'm in 20E. :-( I'm sad. It's kind of hard to not fall asleep on the dude on my right or the woman on my left. We got served an egg and cheese biscuit that wasn't really very warm or good for that matter but it was food and I was starvink.

We should be in Portland at about 12.40, they said. A bit over an hour. I think I shall try to get some more sleep. And dream of being home again in my own bed with my husband.

We are now home. We are hot. We have the A/C on.
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I will never understand how my husband managed to get these directions off Google Maps.


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