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30. I Am What I Ate... And I'm Frightened!!! Bill Cosby, 184pp
This was a pathetic reading month, particularly because this was the only book I completed. And it was annoying.

Year-to-date totals:
Page count for June: 184
Total page count: 6655
Nonfiction: 20
Fiction: 1
Juvenile fiction: 8
Juvenile nonfiction: 1
Rereads: 1

31. AdventureCat Goes to School, Susan Clymer. 72pp
A friend of mine found this at a garage sale, and since we have an orange cat, she picked it up for me. Truly, the story is NSG, but I LOVE the artwork and would give that a much higher star rating - such fuzzy feline adorableness. This book is worth it just for the cute drawings of cats.

32. Rule Britannia, Daphne du Maurier. 352pp
This one was... well, odd is really the best word for it. At first it was a little boring, then it picked up, then it got so disgusting I almost couldn't keep reading, then it started to get really good, and then it... ended. And it ended in a way that seemed a bit anticlimactic. I was expecting Mr Willis to end up being something more than he was, or the US to kill everyone, or something absolutely bizarre that I couldn't dream up happening at the end, a la "House on the Strand".

All in all, an entertaining read, but Daphne must have just been past her author-ian prime by this time - most of the books I like best by her had already been written. This one almost didn't feel like it was even written by her. There were things that proved it was, but it was just not as powerful.

Also, USUK was a very unfortunate acronym.

33. Jungle Stories, Eric B Hare. 130pp
A thoroughly enjoyable read about mission work in Burma in the earlier half of the 20th century.

Year-to-date totals:
Page count for July: 554
Total page count: 7209
Nonfiction: 21
Fiction: 2
Juvenile fiction: 9
Juvenile nonfiction: 1
Rereads: 1
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